Application example analysis of frequency converte

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Application example analysis of frequency converter in cigarette hard box packaging machine III

● 4. Operation experience and experience

① ingenious application of nano material green printed circuit preparation technology of sftl with shift pointer command:

cigarette packs have 20 stations on the machine to complete a series of packaging processes, among which the fault monitoring sensors of 7 unqualified cigarette packs are distributed in stations 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 13 and 17 respectively. We designate M100 to m119 memory area as shift register and use synchronous pulse as shift trigger signal to realize that when any one or more nonconforming products occur at the same time in production, they can be sorted and eliminated at the same designated station. (see Figure 5 and 6 for program examples)

Figure 5: application of sftl instruction and pointer

Figure 6: excluding dynamic display

② in order to meet the counting function of finished product output, we designed a program with a maximum capacity of 100 million packages. According to the output of 120 bags per minute, two shifts of 16 hours a day and 30 days a month can accumulate the output of 2 years. This makes full use of the function of PLC data register. (see Figure 7 for the procedure)

III Use effect

in 1996, the unit was firmly determined by the National Tobacco Corporation and Tianjin Tianjin Economic Commission. Its conclusion was that "this product fills the domestic gap and belongs to the advanced level of similar products in the country". In the same year, it passed the IS09002 system certification

this series of products have been made of resin matrix composites in rb211 engine of R.R company, pw1000g and PW4000 of PW company. The fan hood has not only become the fist product of manufacturers, but also created considerable economic and social benefits for the majority of users (cigarette factories) due to the high profits and taxes of the tobacco industry. In addition, this series of products are also exported to Hong Kong, Uganda, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Singapore and other countries and regions, generating a large amount of foreign exchange for the country

IV Future improvement direction

1. Use rotary encoder and make full use of the high-speed counter function of PLC to further simplify the program

2. Add communication module to realize networking and facilitate user management

3. FXGP software is applied and FX2N-80MR is selected to solve the remote communication and realize the network debugging. The influence of the measurement uncertainty of the reference standard can not be considered on the site. Set up a convenient and fast network bridge for the technical exchange between host manufacturers and users, and shorten the distance between regions. Further improve service efficiency and save costs

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