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Application example of banner sensor

■ bottle counting

Application: it is used for accurate counting of products in packaging machinery

at present, the measurement and control system of some electronic tensile testing machines in the market adopts 8-bit single chip microcomputer control sensor model: pico-amp 5. Electronic tensile testing machines are divided from the shape of experimental materials: round, square, tubular, linear, banded, shaped, foil, etc; Application examples of sp8er1 opposed sensor and md14bb6 amplifier

: fair design, the advantage of opposed detection is reliable detection, which can be used for accurate counting. Pico-amp has a small shape and is suitable for occasions with limited installation space

■ transparent bottle counting

Application: accurate counting of transparent bottles

sensor model: mini-beam expert sme312lpc transparent object detection product

application example: mini-beam expert transparent object detection product with polarized reflector can reliably detect transparent glass or plastic and other materials. When the bottle blocks the light beam, the sensor sends out counting signal

■ product counting

Application: accurate counting of small packaging bags

sensor model: mini-beam series sm312c

application example: the mini-beam focused sensor has a high-energy infrared light source to reliably detect small packaging bags. Both dark and light colors on the packaging bags can be detected, and the focused spot can reliably detect the narrow gap between the packaging bags

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