Eight key words of petrochemical general industry

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Eight key words of petrochemical general industry in 2008

key word 1: ranking third steadily

reason for recommendation: by the end of 2008, the total industrial output value of Sinopec general machinery industry will exceed 700billion yuan, ranking third only to the automotive and electrical industries, and ranking third in China's machinery manufacturing industry

fact: as of November, 2008, the general machinery industry has achieved a total industrial output value of more than 370billion yuan. The petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry still needs to pay attention to the testing of some materials. Some dynamic industries of our company have achieved a total industrial output value of more than 130billion yuan. The refrigeration and air conditioning equipment industry has achieved a total industrial output value of more than 200billion yuan. With the annual output value of plastic machinery, the total industrial output value of the industry has exceeded 700billion yuan in the whole year

comments: the petrochemical general machinery industry has been developing steadily and rapidly for many years, the total economic output has been greatly improved, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise has also been continuously paying attention to the enhancement of the main motor source. However, compared with foreign well-known brands, industrial enterprises are still large but not strong, and their processing and manufacturing capacity and product quality level still need to be further improved

key word 2: major technical equipment

reason for recommendation: the localization of 16 key areas of major technical equipment determined by the State Council plays a positive role in promoting structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and enterprise innovation

fact: since the promulgation of several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in june2006, China has made breakthroughs in the development of major technical equipment

on September 2, 2008, the 1million ton pta/cta dryer developed by Jinxi Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance, marking that China's large-scale drying equipment is no longer controlled by others

in November 2008, the 60000 grade air separation unit independently designed and manufactured by Hang Yang Co., Ltd. was put into operation, indicating that China's air separation manufacturing industry has entered a new development period

in November, 2008, SGG obtained the ASME standard certification, marking that China's general machinery manufacturing industry has the ability to manufacture nuclear main pumps

in addition, nuclear grade II and III valve products have been ordered, and nuclear grade I valve products have passed the appraisal. CNNC suvalve Co., Ltd., Dalian high pressure valve Co., Ltd., Shanghai Valve Factory and Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd. all have the manufacturing capacity of nuclear valves; In terms of nuclear pumps, Dalian Shenlan Pump Industry Co., Ltd., Shengu group and Chongqing Water Pump Co., Ltd. all have the manufacturing capacity of nuclear secondary pumps

comments: as an important carrier of high-tech industrialization, the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry will vigorously promote the development of information technology, nuclear technology, space technology, etc., which is of great significance to the rise of great powers. Under the situation that the "China Threat Theory" continues to heat up and the United States and other countries regulate high-tech in China, China will undoubtedly be in a very passive position if it does not comply with but the domestic special engineering plastics' production capacity, output and market share are very small and relies on independent innovation

keyword 3: zero breakthrough

recommended reason: except for the 16 key areas of major technical equipment identified by the State Council, the key equipment that used to rely almost entirely on imports has now achieved zero breakthrough

fact: all welded ball valves of the main line in phase I of the west to east gas transmission project are imported. In order not to be controlled by others, the phase II project is planned to be fully localized. So far, all welded ball valves with a diameter of less than one meter have been fully made in China, and the 1.2-meter main line large-diameter all welded ball valves have been able to design and manufacture, but there is no performance. At present, Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengfeng Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Niles Valve Co., Ltd. have all recently completed their "cofusion" project and are capable of designing and manufacturing all welded pipeline ball valves

comments: in order to effectively solve this problem, we must strengthen independent innovation and strive to achieve domestic production of all ball valves from the main line to the branch line of the second phase of the west to east gas transmission project. At the same time, it is suggested that in the process of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry, relevant national departments and enterprises should not only pay attention to the research and development of major equipment design technology and manufacturing technology, but also organize forces to tackle key problems of important raw materials and key parts that depend on imports for a long time

it is worth mentioning that on July 18, 2008, Wuhan blower Co., Ltd. officially transferred to NASDAQ, which is the first company listed on NASDAQ in China's Petrochemical General machinery industry

as a clean and efficient energy, liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade is becoming a new hot spot in the global energy market, and the matching compressor has become one of the key products in the current research and development. It is expected that Chinese enterprises will make a breakthrough in this field

key word 4: early phase out of hcfc

recommended reason: during the 19th conference of the parties to the Montreal Protocol on substances that Deplete the ozone layer (hereinafter referred to as the "Montreal Protocol"), the schedule for early phase out of Freon HCFC was officially determined. As time approaches, the pressure on Enterprises is increasing

fact: the Montreal Protocol requires the phasing out of substances that Deplete the ozone layer, which is an international requirement that must be implemented. In this regard, both developed and developing countries have formulated specific CFC and HCFC substance phase out schedules. Developed countries have completely stopped CFC production and consumption, and HCFC production and consumption will be completely stopped by 2030. In developing countries, CFCs will be completely eliminated in 2010, and the freezing control of HCFCs will be reduced year by year from 2013 to 2014, and finally completely eliminated in 2040. The EU has formulated a faster phase out process. In addition, there are many laws restricting the application of HCFC in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

comments: China is a major producer and consumer of Freon (CFC, HCFC, etc.) in the world. It is indispensable for central air conditioning, commercial air conditioning and household air conditioning. The early phase out of HCFC is indeed a good thing for the protection of the ozone layer. The key is that no satisfactory refrigerant substitute has been found in the world. In the next step, it is worth considering what kind of refrigerant the world refrigeration industry will use

keyword 5: anti dumping

reason for recommendation: the General Administration of anti dumping of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India issued a notice on July 1, 2008, saying that the bureau had recently received an application from the Indian domestic industry to launch an anti-dumping investigation on China's plastic processing machinery and titanium dioxide exported to India, and planned to launch an investigation on the above two products in the near future

fact: on december25,2008, it was learned from China Plastics Machinery Industry Association that enterprises in the injection molding machine industry are actively responding to the anti-dumping for the first time this year, and various responding work is in full swing

it is understood that in july2008, the General Administration of anti dumping of the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India announced that an anti-dumping investigation was initiated against injection molding machines originating in China. The products involved were various injection molding machines with a clamping force of not less than 40 tons. All Chinese enterprises that exported the above products to India in 2007 were involved. The Indian Ministry of Commerce and industry said, "if the investigation results show that China's machinery dumping is true, the Indian government may impose special anti-dumping duties to eliminate the damage caused to Indian domestic enterprises". This anti-dumping investigation is caused by the accusation of India Demag company, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. of Japan. It is also the first time that China's injection molding machines have encountered anti-dumping in the world

China's plastic machinery has never been known abroad to spread all over the world. It only took more than ten years. Since the export exceeded 100million US dollars in 1998, it has developed at an average annual growth rate of about 40%. In 2005, China's total export of plastic machinery has exceeded 1billion US dollars

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