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Eight suggestions to break the bottleneck of localization of nuclear power main equipment Liyongjiang, chairman of Qinshan nuclear power joint venture Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview: "The state has recently set the development goal of building 40million kilowatts of nuclear power by 2020. 5. The simple beam impact test machine is a semi-automatic control machine. Up to now, only 8.7 million kilowatts of nuclear power have been built and are under construction. With the Guangdong Ling'ao phase II and Zhejiang Qinshan Phase II expansion projects started in 2005 and 2006, the total installed capacity is 12million kilowatts. However, the construction cycle of nuclear power is generally five years. Therefore, before 2015, it will be opened at least every year 3 sets of units; At the same time, considering that the manufacturing cycle of the main nuclear power equipment is 30~40 months, at least 9 sets of products of each type of equipment should be manufactured in the manufacturing plant at the same time every year. "

liyongjiang said that under the current conditions, it is quite difficult to complete such manufacturing tasks. Among them, the manufacturing of main equipment will be the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of nuclear power in China. Therefore, he suggested that the state plan as soon as possible to strengthen the macro guidance and layout of nuclear power equipment manufacturing

focus on category layout, pollution-free and low-noise nuclear equipment manufacturing

according to the introduction, from the perspective of the current performance of China's nuclear power electronic universal testing machine, which mainly adopts servo electromechanical as the main equipment of the power source station (including nuclear island and conventional island), Shanghai Electric Group, Harbin Electric group and Dongfang Group all have the ability to manufacture nuclear power main equipment, and the first heavy group has the ability to manufacture pressure vessels and process large forgings; Erzhong Group has the ability to process forgings. However, restricted by a series of subjective and objective factors such as insufficient R & D investment, the design capacity of domestic special equipment is still very weak

liyongjiang said that in order to improve the limited capacity of China's nuclear power manufacturing enterprises in processing and manufacturing waste plastic recycling plants, and avoid resource waste and vicious internal and external competition, it is suggested that the state guide the major domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises to carry out division of labor and cooperation, guide and plan the layout of the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry, and prevent the situation of overcapacity or insufficient capacity of some main equipment

according to the characteristics of nuclear power equipment, he suggested that the state should divide nuclear power equipment into five categories, such as forging production, nuclear steam supply system equipment, conventional island equipment, pumps and main auxiliary equipment, and guide manufacturing enterprises to focus on manufacturing by division of labor (for example, a certain type of equipment should be divided into two groups to form a mass production scale). In this way, on the premise of cooperation, through division of labor, each enterprise is urged to carefully manufacture 2~3 kinds of main equipment, so as to improve the manufacturing level and market competitiveness. At the same time, competition can also avoid the formation of monopoly

eight suggestions to break the bottleneck

"the autonomy of nuclear power is an important way for the development of nuclear power in China, and the autonomy of nuclear power equipment manufacturing is an important link to reduce the cost of nuclear power plants and improve market competitiveness." Liyongjiang said that at present, although China's nuclear power manufacturing has made certain achievements, manufacturing technical standards, key technologies, complete set capacity, forging production and special material development are still the five bottlenecks in the supply capacity of nuclear power equipment. In order to break through the bottleneck, he put forward the following suggestions: first, the state should formulate China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry standards as soon as possible in combination with the technical route of nuclear power development

second, the design and manufacturing of nuclear power main equipment belong to different industries. It is suggested that the state should guide the policy, increase the investment in capital, improve the design capacity of equipment manufacturing groups, guide the manufacturing groups to break through the tradition and realize the production mode of integration of design and manufacturing

third, some domestic equipment enterprises have manufacturing capacity, so we should focus on guiding enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability; Some domestic equipment enterprises that have no manufacturing capacity should carry out targeted research and master key technologies as soon as possible

fourth, increase support for forging manufacturers to form the ability to manufacture large forgings for the main equipment of million kilowatt nuclear power plants as soon as possible

fifth, at present, the development of special materials in China lags behind the manufacturing of main equipment, and key materials basically rely on imports. Special materials seriously restrict the localization of main equipment. Therefore, the state should guide enterprises to strengthen the research and development of special materials

sixth, in the research and development of key nuclear power equipment, the enterprises themselves do not have the ability to raise funds and take great risks. It is suggested that the state should increase its support and establish a special fund channel provided by the state for the development of key nuclear power equipment

seventh, it is suggested that the government should formulate preferential tax policies for domestic nuclear power equipment as soon as possible, mainly including the reduction or exemption of value-added tax for enterprises. In addition, the import tax exemption policy will be given to the import of key technologies, key parts, special materials, and instruments and equipment imported from technological transformation investment

eighth, preferential tax policies should be formulated for the manufacturing of the first domestic nuclear power equipment. The research and development of the first equipment is expensive and risky, and most enterprises are unwilling or unable to afford it. In order to encourage technological innovation, it is suggested that the government formulate preferential policies for the first equipment

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