Thoughts on the hottest fast food industry IV

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Thinking about the fast food industry (IV)

Beijing wonton Hou is an excellent time-honored brand in China. In the face of SARS, we insist on opening the door to serve customers with excellent management and quality, which has won the trust and praise of the government and the people. But we know that the development of Chinese fast food industry is still in its infancy, and its contribution to society is far from enough. Having experienced the test of SARS, coupled with calm thinking, and with an inexhaustible mind of innovation and development, we will take off

calm response benefited from a strict management system

liuyanyun, chairman of Qianxihe group

SARS, which lasted for more than three months, has hit the catering industry hard, and many restaurants and hotels have closed down or even closed down. Qianxihe group, which operates in more than 20 large and medium-sized cities across the country, has withstood this test. Not only has no more than 6000 employees been infected with SARS, but its operation has maintained a good momentum

this is by no means a fluke. Qianxihe group has established a scientific and rigorous management system since its inception, and implemented measures to decompose objectives and refine them to people. Qianxihe people regard food hygiene and safety as the lifeline of the enterprise, pay close attention to quality management for several years, and set a record of zero accidents in health and safety. During the SARS period, Qianxihe group was even more strict in the procurement of raw materials, food processing, and the disinfection of various tableware and dining places. It was equipped with more than 1000 sets of special transportation vehicles and support equipment, and more than 30000 sets of disposable tableware. In order to reduce the high-density gathering of diners, Qianxihe has created a record of nine meals a day without delay, and the meals ensure health and safety, and the nutrition matching of meals. For some special circumstances, they sell meals instead of delivering meals to serve customers. All employees work nearly 20 hours a day on average. The leaders of the guaranteed institutions and the dining students were all moved by Qianxihe's refined management and affectionate service. For the sake of absolute safety, many colleges and universities choose Qianxihe to implement the guarantee exclusively. The turnover of Qianxihe has increased rather than decreased due to SARS

recovery strategy of catering enterprises

General axiom of Beijing Wanxing intelligent industry company Xia lianyue

as a life body, its life cycle movement is based on normal business in exchange for survival resources and development resources. If it cannot operate normally, the enterprise will lose everything, so resuming business is the biggest goal of catering enterprises. Of course, this will cost a lot, including a series of problems such as the re understanding of the market, the re understanding of customers, the re positioning of varieties and prices, and the innovation of the production mode and service mode of catering enterprises

the author believes that the recovery strategy of catering enterprises should be designed from the following aspects:

Chinese catering enterprises must change the bad habits of too many and too close seats, and fully consider privacy and boundary effect; The store location of catering enterprises must pay attention to the influence of location, floor and floor height on ventilation. The floor height is generally not less than 3 meters. When the negative floor and unventilated buildings apply experimental force to the samples, attention should be paid to the operation and elimination; Catering enterprises must pay attention to disinfection measures. Including disinfection measures for environment, facilities, equipment, furniture, tableware and other supplies

Chinese catering enterprises should pay more attention to the care of customers' lives, change the traditional service mode, and set up the table after the guests arrive. This can not only provide psychological comfort to the guests, but also effectively ensure the hygienic quality of tableware. Chinese catering enterprises should establish a food safety assurance system and a shop cleaning system. Researchers should try to keep the conductivity of the compound as much as possible while maintaining an environmental cleaning system, a personal hygiene system, and a public health system to ensure the physical and mental safety and health of customers

Chinese catering enterprises should strengthen process management, that is, the design and reengineering of kitchen processes such as raw material procurement system process, food storage system process, food processing system and production system process, and food production system process; Design and reengineer the service process of welcome and reception, counter service, food passing and taking, beverage service, cashier service and so on; Turnover analysis, turnover estimation and the design and reconstruction of various physical and mechanical performance test goods of pre plastic film, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire, carton and other materials, staff schedule management, management team schedule management and other administrative processes

environmental protection measures of Chinese catering enterprises should be improved, including ventilation measures, sewage discharge measures, noise system, garbage system, etc. In short, colleagues in the catering industry should clearly realize the importance of harmonious coexistence between catering enterprises and nature

Chinese catering enterprises should also inherit and carry forward the 5000 year old excellent dietary cultural tradition, and pay attention to the principles of medical and food homology, dietary balance, four seasons should be different, and sexual and flavor harmony. By improving the nutritional structure of the diet and increasing the immunity of the human body, customers can eat delicious, healthy, nutritious and scientific food

Chinese catering enterprises should also strengthen disinfection measures and raise them to the level of caring for customers' lives. All kinds of tableware and utensils are disinfected by far-infrared ray, and the use of disposable disinfected wet paper towels is promoted. The serving of individual dishes is adopted to prevent cross infection, so that customers can accept temperature detection, and waiters can accept temperature detection and other disinfection, health and safety measures

the author believes that the development of the third tier cities attracts all industries to expand their markets. Only by raising the recovery strategy to a strategic level can catering enterprises experience the cycle of crisis depression recovery upswing, and finally get out of the trough and create brilliance

with my heart of meidal

chenwenqiang, chairman of Qingdao meidal barbecue restaurant catering Co., Ltd.

Qingdao meidal barbecue restaurant catering Co., Ltd. is a chain catering enterprise backed by meat production. The electric roasted tenderloin kebab and the characteristic brand of roasted squid, which are the first in Qingdao, have been recognized and loved by Qingdao consumers for their stable product quality and unique flavor for many years. Since the official registration of meidal trademark in 1992, 11 fast-food chains focusing on barbecue have been established in the island city. In the face of the sudden SARS epidemic, Qingdao meidal barbecue restaurant catering Co., Ltd. based on local customers to expand the market

the tourist sources of meidal are divided into two categories: local customers and foreign tourists. The SARS has greatly reduced the number of foreign tourists and reduced the overall tourist source of meidal. However, as far as local consumers in Qingdao are concerned, there is not much change compared with the same period last year. SARS will not only change the dining habits of diners, but also make the catering industry develop in a more standardized direction. In the face of the crisis, we check the raw material procurement, process flow, product innovation, dining environment and other aspects at all levels, and take the customer dining safety as a hard indicator. The raw materials are carefully selected, and the products are fresh to true. We constantly optimize the dining environment, strengthen health management, and improve service quality. At the same time, we also made a marketing innovation - barbecue takeout, which is very popular with consumers

focus on improving brand reputation

Dou Bojun, general manager of Jinan Tongjian Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

the sudden SARS caused considerable economic losses to the domestic catering industry, fast food industry and tourism industry. For these irresistible facts that have occurred, we should not only rely on government announcements to deal with them, but should establish a crisis management system

in the severe period of SARS, foreign fast food took measures to deal with it soon after the initial blow, and launched new products one after another during the SARS period as planned, showing its full confidence in its own brand and market, and the impact was much smaller than that of Chinese fast food. The reason is that these enterprises have established a good reputation in people's hearts, and the reputation is based on long-term, standardized, modern and meticulous management and long-term health condition monitoring

"those who win the hearts of the people win the world." In the past, the phenomenon that you can only eat but can't see was the biggest irony of Chinese food. The test of SARS made those restaurants that couldn't stand the storm fall down. Foreign fast food is better than Chinese fast food in management, health and service. Their packaging and meal sharing are worth learning from. And good reputation is the killer mace to fight against all epidemics. Only enterprises that improve the above conditions can be fearless in the face of various epidemics. As long as we can start from ourselves, study problems seriously, solve and prevent problems in essence, and do our work well, Chinese fast food is not difficult to win the trust of consumers. There is no grand overall situation without subtle parts. Colleagues of Chinese fast food should reflect on it and improve the system planning of the enterprise. (to be continued)

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