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Common problems and precautions of PC typesetting (I)

text content

1 Using art text without converting it into a curve, especially for documents with more art text and paragraph text, it is very easy to lose words, so it should be converted into a curve when publishing

2. When inputting text content, if blank spaces are typed in in the full angle state, rip generally cannot explain. The only way is to delete blank spaces or re-enter text. When the system font is damaged, blank spaces will also be formed and no error font will be reported. Sometimes there are spaces in the art text, but they can be converted into curves, which can be checked only in the normal view mode

3. Using paragraph text, before making a multi-level and high-level technology research and development platform, Jiangsu Jinfa technology should pay attention to check whether the text content of the paragraph is finished and whether any text content is covered by the text box

4. Fonts with -gb2312 cannot be used. After being converted into curves, the intersection of strokes will be hollowed out, and some fonts such as Fangzheng meihei will not be converted into curves

5. The system sometimes falsely reports bad words, but after the file is opened, the Save button is gray, that is, it cannot be saved, which proves that the font is not bad

6. When the art text turns to a curve, sometimes there is a crash, usually because the frame is accurately planted and cut, and there is art text in it

7. Rgb

picture content

1 cannot be used in coreldraw8 If you use a non TIF format picture or the picture is rotated, it is easy to cause broken pictures or wired pictures. The solution is to convert the file into a dot matrix when it is released. Pay attention to the color mode and resolution options when converting. In addition, anti aliasing compensation is not optional. Otherwise, there will be a virtual edge on the edge of the picture. The color mode is generally gray cmyk32 bits, and the resolution is not lower than the original picture

2. If you export a file as a picture in CorelDRAW, a layer of channel will be formed. You need to delete this channel in Photoshop before it can be used normally

3. The grayscale image in coreldraw8.0 is generally embossed. Please note that it should be converted to CMYK bitmap layout

4 If there are linked pictures in the document, be sure to turn the picture, otherwise it will be sent out, even if the plastic industry universal process? Blow molding machine technology predecessors did not rotate, will also break the picture


1 In CorelDRAW, effects such as filters and transparency may be lost if they are used directly. They can be used normally only after they are converted into a bitmap, which generally will not affect the effect

2. For all gradient effect filling, if square gradient filling is used, it must be converted into a dot matrix before it can be used, otherwise it will become flat when it is sent out. This belongs to a bug of the software, which should be paid attention to when sending and arranging

3. If the artistic text uses gradient, transparency, filter and other effects, the text must be converted into a curve first. If the effect is used and then converted, it will change or be lost, so special attention must be paid to turning the curve

4. If you use the precise clipping effect of the picture frame, you must pay attention to the option of locking the content, otherwise the content in the picture will change when moving

5. If you need to convert the falling shadow into a dot matrix for layout, you must pay attention to selecting the object and the shadow at the same time before converting, otherwise the shadow will be automatically deleted. The condition for governing excess capacity and adjusting industrial structure is to adjust the demand structure. For this, the software system will generally prompt a warning, and you should be careful whether there is any change during conversion

6. When selecting groups or converting multiple objects into a bitmap at the same time, you should pay attention to whether these objects are at the same level, and whether the level of objects after group composition conversion will change

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