Common problem solving of the hottest Epson 830u

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Solutions to common problems of Epson 830u

spray friends with Epson 830u printers have more or less encountered various problems with printers, so how to solve them? Please don't worry. After many studies, I found the nemesis of Epson 830u printer

first, the drive for the non inking display is only one item

second, how can the printer work without the driver of 830u printer? Don't worry. You can install the driver of Epson 790 or 830 printer. It can work completely

III. without a reset device, the precautions can be roughly divided into three points: cleaning, rust prevention and power failure. If you reset, it still can't work. You can use the permanent chip (myepson's permanent chip used by me in the process of the experiment is suitable for the laboratory chip of steel and building materials testing with high requirements), and there has never been a problem

IV. select reliable inks. After many tests with a variety of inks (I choose colorful inks), I have noted for many times that there has been no plug or broken wire once

v. when injecting ink in China's plastic machinery market, it should be noted that the speed of adding water must not be fast. It must be added slowly. Don't worry, otherwise it is easy to produce bubbles, and it's strange to keep the line

VI. it is best to wait for 24 hours after inking and then use it again. Let the bubble rise completely so that there will be no disconnection. Generally, it will be OK after cleaning the printer once

source: Guangzhou Zhongying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

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