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Common problems and Countermeasures of aluminum alloy elevator

3. Check whether the reversing valve is clamped or has internal leakage or replace the valve assembly

4. Add enough oil if the oil level is too low and the oil inlet filter is blocked, Clean the oil filter

5. Check the oil supply pump for defects or replace the pump

the scarifier cannot rise or fall or the lifting force is weak

1. The pressure adjustment of the overflow valve does not meet the requirements, and adjust the pressure to the required value

2. See the troubleshooting method in above for the internal leakage of the oil cylinder

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3. The reversing valve is clamped or has internal leakage

4. The oil level is too low The oil inlet filter is blocked

5. The oil supply pump is faulty

6. Check the leakage of the check valve, check the wear of the check valve core and valve seat, and check whether the check valve spring is fatigue, deformation, etc.

the operating rod is heavy:

1. Check, adjust, and replace unqualified parts if the operating rod mechanism is faulty; Clean the valve parts; Check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil

2. The control valve spool is clamped (the manufacturing and safety company has established a cooperative relationship with the Shanghai Silicate Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2014. There are problems with the hydraulic torque converter and the compensation system:

if the hydraulic torque converter is weak and the dynamic shift fails, The oil temperature is too high

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1. the hydraulic torque converter is weak

(1) the hydraulic oil volume is insufficient

(2) the pressure is adjusted improperly

(3) the back pressure is insufficient. Check the oil quality of the torque converter (whether the hydraulic transmission oil is misused), the dosage, check the torque regulating valve, the back pressure valve and its set pressure value

2. Power shift failure

(1) quick return valve The pressure reducing valve, power transmission valve and reversing valve are stuck and have internal leakage

(2) the oil pollution is serious. Check the cause of valve sticking and eliminate it accordingly. Filter or replace the hydraulic oil

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(3) the oil temperature rises too much. Check whether the cooler is defective and check the quality brand of hydraulic oil

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