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Founder Feiteng 4 Common problems and Countermeasures of X typesetting software II

problem description solutions and suggestions insert a complementary word in Feiteng 4.0, and the internal code of the complementary word is FeFe. When Feiteng generates PS files, it will prompt "some codewords cannot be transmitted to founder 748 Code: 0fefe:". FeFe code is used by Feiteng, and it is not recommended that users supplement words on this code point. Feiteng 4.0 page numbers are not aligned with singular and even numbers. Select "multiple digits" from "special number types" in "page number type 2017". In Feiteng 4.02, after drawing an article area, can't you click the cursor and use ctrl+q? It is suspected that running multiple programs leads to insufficient memory. Look, restarting the machine should solve the problem. How to achieve cross page headlines and pictures in Feiteng 4.0. You can create a file separately, set two pages, and set it to "double page display", do not choose "the starting page is the right page", so you can make a title across pages in the layout, and select "page collage output" when Feiteng generates PS files. Why in Feiteng 4. 0, input the font number in the font number option. For example, the 5h or 5fzht alarm parameter is invalid. At 3. Version 1 works. Please check the I under the fit directory, which records the cross reference relationship of fonts and can also be modified. In Feiteng 4.0, some of them send and arrange "unabletosartprintjob" errors. This problem is due to the deletion of "psfile" in the "printers" folder. This virtual printer is installed by fit, so do not delete it. If you delete this printer, you need to uninstall Feiteng and re install the power cord. The installation program must be provided with equipment 1. The operating environment of Founder Feiteng 4.0: windows98/2000/xp. It is recommended to use windows2000professional and windowsxprofessional. Try not to use windows2000service and windowsxphome (home version) Feiteng 4.0 to generate PS files. In order to ensure fair information is output on psppro, some words are black blocks. The user used Microsoft Quanpin to input GBK words, but used 748 word library. At this time, psppro calls 748 word library when outputting, and the input GBK words naturally cannot be output. If you want to use GBK words, you should choose GBK font with black text, and choose to download GBK font library in Feiteng. In Feiteng 4.0, adjusting column width does not work in table operation. Adjusting the column width works in vertical row. Can dozens of consecutive text blocks be divided into several in Feiteng 4.0, that is, pages 1, 2 and 3 are a block, and pages 4, 5 and 6 are a block? If your Feiteng version is 4, you can also use "segmentation" under the "format" menu (its function is similar to the "other side" annotation in the book version). Operation Feiteng 4.0 found that: a paragraph of text defines the font of "Song Dynasty (founder)", but several words in the middle have become traditional characters. This usually happens because there are GBK characters in this paragraph and the 748 font of "Baosong (founder)" is defined. In this way, the characters behind GBK become traditional characters, that is, they become xinxiuli. The way to solve this problem is to blacken the GBK character, define it as "Fang Zheng Bao song u GBK" separately, and download this font. Feiteng 4.0 excuse me, how to add a few more rows to the table? Blacken a row or column, select "copy", and then select a cell. After selecting "paste", the dialog box of "copy row and column" will appear. Just follow the prompts. Editing system + web version Feiteng 4.0. How to set the auto save time by fit. Modify the auto save time of fit by the fit editing interface: modify the I file under the fit directory. Feiteng 4.0 made a mistake of "unableprintjob..." in the Fapai times. Usually, it is caused by the deletion of a "psfile" printer in the printer. If this happens, uninstall Feiteng and reinstall it. How to realize the function of word clipping in Feiteng 4.0? Define the text as the clipping path, and then merge it with the graph. How to modify Pinyin in Feiteng 4.0? First move the cursor to the front of the text to be modified, use ctrl+ the right arrow, and then press tab to move the cursor to the Pinyin part to modify it. How to focus on Feiteng 4.0 numbers; "Extended character" is used for perspective function; You need to select "role perspective" and how to enter circle 11 in Feiteng 4.0; Whether there is "other side" function using extended characters; Use "section" under the "format" menu. Feiteng 4.0 cannot tick the edge of color map. To tick the edge of a graph in Feiteng, it must be a graph in TIF or EPS format. The amount of PS file information generated by Feiteng 4.0 is very large. The reason for this problem is: 1 Because the font information is downloaded in the font setting 2 Since the environment settings contain picture information, can Feiteng 4.0 be stored as Feiteng 3 X version of the file Feiteng 4.0 can open Feiteng 3 X version of the file, but cannot be saved as Feiteng 3 Why can't you fine tune the line spacing of the X version of the file during the typesetting process of Feiteng 4.0? For example, there is almost no difference between the line spacing of 0.5mm and 0.2mm. Select the text to be fine tuned, and then remove the check mark in front of the "alignment and typesetting" command under the "format" menu. Whether Feiteng can be discharged into PDF files? Feiteng cannot be directly discharged into PDF files. You can save PDF files as EPS or PS file format through ad so that you can use obeacrobat software next time, and use imitation song in the layout of Feiteng 4.0 second edition_ GB2312 font, when the font is missing in RIP output, it is replaced. Try not to use the windows system's own boldface, Song typeface and imitation song typesetting_ GB2312, regular script_ GB2312 and other fonts, using Founder fonts will not have such a problem. Can I use Hanyi fonts in Feiteng software? As long as the truetyoe font library of the PC version of Hanyi font library is installed in the system, the corresponding Hanyi font can be used by selecting the corresponding Hanyi font in the Feiteng font setting - system Chinese option. When Feiteng 4.0 generates PS files, the dispatch information shows that 0 pages of users are arranged on Feiteng's home page. In this way, selecting "ignore empty pages" in the dispatch option causes no page output

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