A fire broke out in a printing factory in Dongguan

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A fire broke out in a printing plant in Dongguan, and the local government is carrying out a major renovation of fire hazards

[China Packaging News] according to the notification of the fire department, at 11:12 on May 25, the municipal fire command center received an alarm that a fire broke out in the robust printing plant in building 5, Shuibian Industrial Park, Hengli Town. The command center immediately dispatched Hengli and surrounding fire forces to the scene for disposal. The building on fire is a single-layer iron warehouse, with a burning area of about 300 square meters, and the combustibles are paper sheets in the warehouse. At present, the fire department has controlled the spread of the fire and is fighting it with all its strength

robust International Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2002 and set up a factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province in 2005 (Dongguan robust Printing Co., Ltd.). Specializing in the processing of printed products, it mainly produces educational paper toys for European and American customers. The enterprise is under Tariff pressure from the U.S. market. This time, manual hydraulic pressure shows that it has a fire for open-loop control. It's really a double whammy. According to local media reports in Dongguan, at present, all towns and streets (parks) in Dongguan are continuing to carry out in-depth fire hazard investigation and remediation

it can be seen from the above figure that although the fire is fierce

the fire emergency department has organized a strong force in a short time

to rescue the affected factory

I want to clear the value displayed in the figure to zero, saying that

fire safety is the lifeline of the factory

no matter how high the output value is, How advanced the technology is

or how appropriate the management is

once there is a fire

everything will be burned

the "rescue" after the event

is far less difficult than the "prevention" in advance

it is difficult to start a business for thousands of days

burning a sun

enterprises must pay attention to safe production

strengthen the fire prevention of plants and warehouses

fire safety is more important than Mount Tai. One accident after another, with heavy property losses, the heads of relevant enterprises and factories have been held accountable. The lessons of blood and tears have repeatedly warned us that fire safety must always be alarmed and must be grasped at all times. So what aspects of fire protection knowledge should enterprises and factories pay attention to? Here is the relevant information about fire safety of enterprises and factories

· safety tips ·

winter fire prevention in factories and enterprises should not be ignored

1. Factories and enterprises should strictly implement fire safety, strengthen on duty inspection, and eliminate potential fire safety hazards in time

2. Factories and enterprises should put an end to illegal operations. It is strictly forbidden to use fire, oil, electricity and gas in violation of regulations. It is strictly forbidden to use open fire or heating in violation of regulations at the construction site

3. Factories and enterprises should regularly organize fire fighting and evacuation drills to improve employees' self-defense and self-help ability

4. In winter, when the weather is dry and the materials are dry, the combustible sundries in the plant area should be cleaned up in time, and the inflammables produced and processed should be stored according to the standard classification

5. During the festival, enough personnel on duty should be left to strengthen the fire inspection. In case of a new fire, it should be handled in time, and the "119" fire alarm should be dialed immediately

6. It is strictly forbidden to occupy, block or close the emergency exits, evacuation passages and fire truck passages, and it is strictly forbidden to set obstacles that hinder the passage of fire trucks and fire fighting

7. Fire fighting facilities and equipment should be maintained in time to ensure normal use in case of fire. It is strictly forbidden to damage, misappropriate, bury, occupy or block fire-fighting facilities and equipment

the specific cause of the fire is not clear

to be investigated

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