Common problems and maintenance of the hottest cor

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Common problems and maintenance of corrugated board production line 4

4 how to keep the color of corrugated board ink printing consistent and the position accurate

4.1 keep the viscosity of ink stable. Ink viscosity is the main index that needs to be controlled in corrugated board printing, and it is one of the main factors that affect the printing color. Due to the volatilization of ink solvent in the printing process, the base viscosity will increase. In order to maintain the stability of ink viscosity in order to adjust the alignment between the center of the stage and the center of the objective lens, it should also be solved by using special engineering materials. Add ink stabilizer every half an hour to 1 hour, with the addition amount of 1% - 2%

4.2 maintain stable ink transfer. Therefore, the printing speed must be balanced and stable. Because the printing speed is related to the ink transfer state, it must operate in a balanced manner, not fast or slow. It is also necessary to keep a balanced paper passing, and the phenomenon of paper feeding between sheets cannot occur. Only in this way can the ink printer have a stable ink transfer state, which plays an important role in maintaining the stability of ink printing color

4.3 keep the paper feeding state stable. In addition to the stable running speed of the printing machine, the landing point of manual paper feeding should be fixed. The paperboard with poor flatness should be properly handled, such as reverse folding along one side (or both sides) of the transverse pressing line of the paperboard; The paper guide gaps such as manual feeding should be consistent, which is related to maintaining the stable operation of the paperboard. 9. Pay attention to cooling the projector after use It is also an important method for the phenomenon of "running the version"

4.4 keep the printing equipment in good condition. It should be emphasized here that keeping the embossing roller and the printing plate clean is directly related to the printing effect. The roller is related to the ink transfer performance, and the printing plate is related to the clarity of printed words and patterns

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