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Hardware mold tutorial learning video

hardware mold tutorial learning video - HD genuine video viewing

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chic mold professional maturity, teaching methods 1. Change the experimental frequency adjustable (0.5 Hz) and rich and colorful content, and fully adjust EMS grivory company to stimulate students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, so that students are diligent in hands-on, *They are formulated for the testing standards of cement, giving full play to their thinking and innovation ability, and combining theory with practice. Today, smart mold takes you to analyze the main steps of injection mold test:

Hardware Mold tutorial learning video - HD genuine video viewing

in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble during mass production, it is really necessary to pay patience to adjust and control various processing conditions, find out the temperature and pressure conditions of *, and formulate standard injection mold test procedures, which can be used to establish daily work methods

1. Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct and whether it is baked according to the regulations

2. The material pipe must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the degraded rubber or impurities from entering the mold, because the degraded rubber and impurities may jam the mold. Check whether the temperature of the material pipe and the temperature of the mold are suitable for the raw materials

3. Adjust the pressure and injection volume to produce a finished product with satisfactory appearance, but do not run burrs. Especially when some mold cavity finished products are not completely solidified, you should think about it before adjusting various control conditions, because a slight change in mold filling rate may cause great mold filling changes

4. Wait patiently until the conditions of the machine and mold stabilize. Even medium-sized machines may have to wait more than 30 minutes. You can use this time to check the possible problems of the finished product

5. The advance time of the screw shall not be shorter than the solidification time of the gate plastic, otherwise the weight of the finished product will be reduced and the performance of the finished product will be damaged. And when the mold is heated, the advance time of the screw should also be extended to compact the finished product

hardware mold tutorial learning video - HD genuine video viewing

6 Reasonably adjust and reduce the total processing cycle

7. Operate the newly prepared conditions for at least 30 minutes to stabilize, and then continuously produce at least a dozen full mold samples, mark the date and quantity on their containers, and place them separately according to the mold holes, so as to test the stability of their actual operation and derive reasonable control tolerances

8. Measure and record the important dimensions of continuous samples (wait until the samples are cooled to room temperature)

9. The retired and scattered scientific and technological experts in China are gathered to compare the measured size of each mold sample. Attention should be paid to:

(a) whether the product size is stable

(b) whether there is a trend of increase or decrease in some dimensions, indicating that the machining conditions are still changing, such as poor temperature control or oil pressure control

(c) whether the change of dimension is within the tolerance range

10. If the size of the finished product does not change much and the processing conditions are normal, it is necessary to observe whether the quality of the finished product of each the first mock examination hole is acceptable and its size can be within the allowable tolerance. Note down the mold hole number measured continuously or higher or lower than the average value, so as to check whether the size of the mold is correct

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