Hottest HKC Huike 245 inch ant ant251f display

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How about HKC Huike 24.5-inch ant ant251f display? JD 1299 quotation evaluation

this Huike ant ant251f monitor adopts a size of 24.5 inches, supports 1ms response time, the maximum refresh rate is 165hz, and supports lifting and wall hanging. I planted this one in a certain East, and shared the experience of using it for a period of time. Recently:

I. the real experience of Huike ant ant251f monitor:

at first glance, I felt that the texture was very good, and the display light was really dazzling, It's a very soft breathing lamp. The logo ant lamp can be adjusted. I'm a harsh person. The use of wire rod, a new material, is expected to help the popularization of electric vehicles. It's also a very low material, very comfortable and strong feeling. The upper and lower regulators are very easy to adjust upward, feel very good, and the damping is also suitable for me when adjusting downward. Anyway, five stars praise it, and JD logistics is also very nice, The most important thing is that it's really comfortable to play across the fire line and eat chicken. Overall, I'm quite satisfied

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II. Huike ant ant251f display JD event price:

flash purchase price: ¥ 1299.00 [¥ 1599.00]

JD event quotation link:

III. Huike ant ant251f display configuration parameters:

1. Good packaging, large box, easy installation

2. There are plenty of mainstream interfaces, as well as backplane belief lights and projection lights, which are very handsome. The native 1ms response speed, DP port connection 165hz refresh rate, I was transferred from the previous IPS, the original Philips refresh rate is only 60 ~ 80Hz, 7ms response speed, when playing games, the picture is torn seriously, which seriously affects the experience. After installing this 1080p ant251f, DP cable connection 1060 graphics card, occasionally a little picture is torn, but it is much improved compared with the past, and the experience is much stronger than before. Especially shooting games, I feel like I've played another game before. It's better to press * and kDa has improved a lot

3. The sub brands produced by big manufacturers have guaranteed quality

4. TN screen, the color will be whiter than IPS, which is especially suitable for playing games. Many details can be seen in the dark

5. Lifting and lowering the screen cured my cervical spondylosis for many years. Haha, it can also adjust the angle

6. (the input power must be 3 fire) pressing the jog key is a perfect screen. It's not fast. In short, I can't put it down

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