There is no boundary between modern and traditiona

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There is no boundary between modern and traditional packaging design

tradition refers to human traditional culture. The traditional culture is the civilized achievement that human beings have gradually accumulated in production, life and other aspects in the past long historical period. It is also the crystallization of existing human wisdom and the basis for future generations to continuously inherit and develop the knowledge and skills of their predecessors. Excellent traditional culture is the lifeline of a nation. China is an ancient civilization with a history of sixorseven thousand years. In the long history, the Chinese nation has accumulated a thick, broad and profound excellent traditional culture, which is an inexhaustible cultural treasure for us

among them, nothing shows the beauty of Chinese culture better than the traditional design art of China at this time - apply the "traditional" culture to packaging and decoration design, raise the traditional design art to a considerable height, and apply all levels to specific modern packaging design, giving modern packaging immaterial functions from function to form. It can not only learn from and circulate with other cultures, but also serve as a window to show our own culture and better carry forward our own culture, which is the only way for our country to move towards modern packaging

the idea of traditional art design traditional style packaging design is to give traditional rhythm to words, graphics, colors and materials, supplemented by a certain arrangement design for the whole. It starts from its own national traditional culture. It has its own creative design characteristics. The so-called traditional style packaging design creativity is to design a creative "vocabulary" that conveys commodity information to consumers, promotes commodities, and better serves consumers with fascinating traditional cultural materials with high cultural taste and high aesthetic feeling. After careful conception, there is still a lot of room for the company's technical improvement

the design of traditional style packaging is not only to simply use traditional forms, but also to reflect the broad spiritual outlook of the Chinese nation and the excellent culture of self-reliance in the forest of nations. At the same time, it can also well adapt to China's aesthetic thoughts and aesthetic consciousness inherited by the majority of consumers in China for thousands of years

therefore, when we embark on the packaging design of traditional style, we should fully tap the traditional cultural elements associated with traditional products to carry out creative ideas

creative idea of traditional art design

1. Considering the application and modeling of packaging materials, packaging materials mainly use natural objects in nature, such as bamboo, wood, rattan, hemp, shell, gourd, reed leaf, tea, etc., to design and produce packaging with returning to nature and local characteristics. In the shape and structure of packaging, we can learn from the traditional buildings, vehicles, furniture, daily necessities, entertainment supplies, stationery, sporting goods, religion and other supplies, which have artistic value and appreciation value, and are more in line with the characteristics of the packaged object or the elements closely related to the packaged object. In the design, attention should be paid to the beauty, chicness and delicacy of the shape, and the scientificity and firmness of the structure

2. From the perspective of decoration form, consider various relevant traditional visual art forms and graphics since ancient times, such as Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, carving, paper cutting, embroidery and other handicrafts, as well as decorative patterns and colors of articles such as drama, clothing, facial makeup and props, weapons, architecture, furniture, daily necessities, textile printing and dyeing, as well as illustrations of content scenes in classical literature, folklore, fairy tales and other works, book printing The binding form and so on, as long as they have a close organic connection with the packaged content and are used reasonably and properly, can be used for my own use

3. From the perspective of layout design, consider the layout in graphic design, so that all kinds of text, graphics, colors and other factors that undertake the task of visual communication can be artistically combined, so that the layout can become a feeling that can show modeling. In terms of the requirements of the formal beauty of the layout design, the designer must make the form and content of the layout harmonious and unified with each other to form a regular visual change

the application of traditional art design in modern packaging design

1. The application of color and color arrangement in traditional art in modern packaging design as the requirements of color design in packaging, we should not only know the regional differences of color, but also know the differences in color preferences of people of different ages and genders. The color gear pump is also of great benefit to the precision molding of the rubber industry. In the packaging design of different products, due to the different audiences, the psychological and physiological stimulation effects are also different. At present, the traditional color arrangement design is used in the packaging design of many products. In China's traditional culture, due to the influence of the colors of drama, facial makeup, folk woodblock New Year pictures and the national aesthetics, the colors of traditional packaging mostly use red, orange and yellow in the warm color series. Among them, red is used most. Red cloth, red silk, red paper, red glaze and red rope can be seen everywhere in the packaging. People love red. Red is the color of fire. It is passionate and unrestrained, symbolizing festivity, happiness and auspiciousness. Red makes the traditional packaging win with its brilliance. Warm color series has been the customary color of the nation since ancient times in China. It is the most commonly used color on objects in any era. Traditional colors are applied to modern packaging design to strengthen the national style, local characteristics and long history of modern goods, so as to improve reputation and popularity and promote product sales

2. The use of words and word arrangement in traditional art in modern packaging design. No packaging can be separated from words, which can convey commodity information and beautify decoration. The striking and vivid words on the package are an important means to catch the attention of consumers, so font design is of great use in packaging design. In Chinese characters, the vivid shape of Chinese characters and the concise shape of Latin characters are rich languages. Ancient Chinese hieroglyphs need deep research and absorb their value in grasping typical features, highly refining, and the ingenious combination of concrete and abstract. The official script, regular script, line and cursive script of Chinese calligraphy have their own characteristics; The Song typeface in the print is dignified, and the imitation Song typeface is tall and straight. The aviation industry around the world shows a strong development trend. The leaders are serious, and the seal script is luxurious and simple; The handwriting has imitation Song Dynasty, line, grass, and a relaxed and lively attitude. The charm embodied in the writing, movement, gesture and meaning of big seal characters, small seal characters, Han Li, Song Xing, Wei Bei, wild grass and big grass, combined with myths and legends, folk stories, local customs and so on, all show the simple material outlook of the working people in ancient China. In addition to font design, the arrangement and processing of packaging text is another important factor. Text has many functions in layout design. The arrangement and processing should not only pay attention to the relationship between words, but also pay attention to the relationship between lines, groups and groups. The text arrangement on the package is considered as a whole in different directions, positions and sizes. Therefore, there can be richer changes in the form than the general text arrangement of books and advertisements. The layout design should first consider that it is suitable for reading, conform to the formal law of Chinese character layout, and have a clear effect of transmitting information and explaining content, which is suitable for the purpose of readers. Under the need of subject expression, effectively use different styles of words

3. The application of graphics and graphic arrangement in traditional art in modern packaging design should be original and distinctive in packaging design. Graphics are a very important means of expression. It has a strong visual impact, making goods more vivid and interesting, making consumers have rich psychological associations, affecting consumers' feelings and stimulating consumers' desire to buy. In modern packaging design, packaging graphics cannot be isolated, but should be closely cooperated with the overall layout to make the overall visual design perfect, so as to establish a unique style

Graphic Design in China is divided into two parts: folk and traditional. Folk graphics include new year pictures, embroidery, paper cuts, toys, murals, shadow puppets, national costumes, facial makeup and so on. Today, many packaging designs use Chinese folk art graphics with distinctive local traditional styles. Some packaging design works that successfully use folk art have imperceptibly made Chinese people feel a sense of intimacy, while foreigners feel a sense of novelty. Traditional graphics include primitive rock paintings, painted pottery, bronze, gold and silver inlays, stone reliefs, Dunhuang murals, terracotta warriors, tiles, ceramics, calligraphy and so on. The traditional graphics of our country are the great creation and wisdom crystallization of the working people of past dynasties (such as craftsmen and artists). Their creativity is unique, their skills are exquisite, and their forms are rich and diverse

different historical periods have different graphic representatives, such as the scroll pattern of the Warring States period, the four gods pattern and the cloud pattern of the Han Dynasty, the peony of the Tang Dynasty, the pine, bamboo and plum of the Yuan Dynasty, and so on. Flowers, birds, fish, insects, animals and so on have become representatives of various historical periods. To a large extent, the design style of nationality is determined by graphics. Applying folk graphics or traditional graphics to modern packaging design can reflect the nationality of products. The packaging pattern plays an auxiliary role of words. Many export packaging design patterns are not international, patterns and words are primary and secondary, competing for high and low, disorderly, and naturally lack competitiveness. Therefore, when we use local culture, we should also choose appropriate packaging graphics according to the preferences and taboos of graphics all over the world

4. Analysis of the role of traditional packaging materials in packaging decoration. Traditional packaging materials can better show the traditional culture of packaging. The packaging materials of traditional local products are generally natural materials that can be obtained locally. These natural materials can be applied only through relatively simple processing or simply without any processing. This kind of natural raw materials and processed recycled materials are more suitable for packaging local local products. However, due to different regions, different geographical conditions and climates, the natural products are also different

therefore, different natural products can also convey regional information to people. When engaging in packaging design, we should try our best to use natural packaging materials produced in large quantities in the place of origin of the packaging object, so that it can more accurately convey the regional information of the product. For example, bamboo, wood, straw, soil, rattan, sunflower, palm, stem and leaf, wicker, corn husk, ceramics, weaving and other materials in nature can be used for packaging. The traditional packaging made of natural materials is mostly in natural form. They are the crystallization of the labor, life and wisdom of the people of all ethnic groups in China. Modern packaging comes from tradition, but modern packaging is not a simple repeated shift and variation of traditional design art. It should change in time, keep pace with the times, and innovation is the soul of modern packaging

we should accurately use traditional art, extract elements from traditional art forms for re creation, and design not only to retain the charm and characteristics of local design art, but also with distinctive characteristics of the times, with brand-new visual image and cultural impact, so that our products are rich in national characteristics and better carry forward China's traditional culture

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