Hottest Hisense 80l5d80 inch 4K laser TV AI

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How about Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K laser TV AI intelligent cinema? Start with the evaluation evaluation

Hisense's new hot selling laser TV recommendation: hisense/Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K laser TV AI smart w does not change the customer's IFI wireless home theater. The following is a collection of the latest evaluation and introduction of trial friends, hoping to help you choose reference

how about working with enterprises and Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K laser TV, is it easy to use

trial model: Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K laser TV

reference quotation: ¥ 21999.00

trial for a week feeling:

(1) the quality is very good, that is, there is a piece of light scattered to the smallpox. The installer said he asked the company, and it's all the same. I don't know if it's so, can't it be corrected

(2) the TV is very big and can be seen clearly during the day. But the logistics and distribution are not very good. They arrive only a week later. Fortunately, the customer service staff were very friendly and took the trouble to help contact

try it for three weeks: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction

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II. Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K laser TV configuration parameters:

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