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The application of CAD technology in FAW Group the application of CAD technology (including computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering analysis and other Computer-Aided Engineering Technology) has become an important basis for evaluating the product development ability of domestic and foreign automobile companies. How to improve the competitiveness of enterprises' products has attracted the attention of automobile manufacturers, and its important means - CAD technology has become a hot spot of enterprise investment

I FAW Group CAD situation:

1. FAW Group implementation process of CAD technology:

· began to try in the 1980s

· began to invest a lot in the early 1990s

· after 2000, it reached more than 300 sets of 3D cad/cam software (including about 100 sets of CATIA software)

· applied to vehicle development/modification projects to varying degrees

· the application in automobile mold design and processing is relatively mature, but 3D is not used for structural design

· thousands of engineering personnel are trained as CAD talents

· still centered on "design centric" design components, Rarely use and change the process "process improvement"

· it has been confirmed that the electronic prototype technology DMU can speed up the development process

· begin to integrate CAD and PDM

2. The CAD system of FAW Group is mainly set up in the following departments:

· Technology Center (modeling, body, general layout, chassis, engine)

· mold center

· foundry/forging plant/body factory

· about 300 sets of 3D CAD workstations and more than 2000 trained application engineers

3. Main projects:

· development of various types of trucks and minicars

· joint development of Dahongqi cars

· new small red flag design and interior design

· development of new Jetta A2 cars

· most mold and model manufacturing

II Key challenges for China's automobile industry facing the 21st century:

1. China's automobile industry will face key challenges facing the 21st century:

· Digitization: in the new industrial economic structure, all information will be in digital form

· organization: the assets of new manufacturing enterprises are the knowledge and experience accumulated within the organization

· enterprise/collectivization: advantages or disadvantages

· Innovation: under the new social system, innovation is a means to directly obtain wealth

2. Development trend of the automotive industry:

· realize 3D design, move towards electronic prototype vehicles

· implement concurrent engineering, shorten the development cycle

· explore unique markets, one platform, multiple models

· pursue brand lines, Continuously innovate products and increase the utilization ratio of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber parts

3. Therefore, FAW Group needs continuous innovation:

· fully apply CAD system

· implement 3D design method

· implement concurrent engineering process

· try out the concept of electronic prototype

· enterprise PDM implementation plan

4. FAW Group's strategic goal for the 21st century:

· improve product development ability, Gradually achieve the development goal of one new vehicle model a year

· establish a concurrent engineering environment, implement and improve the integrated production data management system

III. CAD development technology in the automotive industry:

in the whole process of Automotive product development, the best workflow should be selected to give full play to the maximum benefits of CAD tools. At present, the development of applied CAD has the following trends:

· from 2-dimensional design to 3-dimensional design

· from the design task of individual parts to the development process of vehicle projects

· more people from different departments share the same data

· group units work together - project cooperation, information exchange, data sharing

· pay more attention to the reform and application promotion of processes

with the continuous development of enterprise CAD technology, The CAD data of the enterprise will continue to expand outward, as shown in the figure:

for the continuous outward expansion of CAD data, FAW Group is seeking the development direction of the reform:

· many of the results of the reform are through the optimization of design means to adopt new technologies

· some of the results of the reform are through the optimization of enterprise management systems and standards to promote the application of new technologies

its goal is to achieve an appropriate balance, optimize and improve the two fields at the same time, so as to achieve the best results and benefits for the enterprise. As shown in the figure, IBM's PDM solution:

PDM (Product Data Management) in the automotive industry:

in view of the situation of domestic automotive enterprises, it is suggested that the implementation of PDM should adopt the driving method of transferring pilot projects to applications to avoid blind implementation

factors that will lead to the growth of PDM in the automotive industry:

· in addition to PDM based on CAD, a series of PDM products have begun or continue to focus on the data generated by CAD application software

· professional solutions for different industries - the needs of the automotive industry are very different from those of home appliance or pharmaceutical machinery companies. The first is the flexibility of data, or the ability to deal with different data description methods. Because the concept of concurrent engineering has been widely accepted, the need to describe data in different ways will certainly increase. The second is the integration of CAD and PDM and ultimately ERP. In the short term, it is considered that the visualization scheme is the key to the integration of CAD and PDM

IV. experience of implementing CAD in FAW Group:

1. leaders' attention

the key to the competitiveness of enterprises in the market lies in products. The improvement of product development means is the key to affecting the quality and cycle of product development. The leaders of the company clearly realize that the application of CAD technology will have a great impact on product development. In the overall planning, the policy of "one-time planning and step-by-step implementation" is put forward; When selecting the system, organize a special selection team to make a systematic and careful investigation of various hardware and software in the system, and finally determine the preferred system scheme; Organize domestic and foreign training for system application personnel; In order to digest the introduced system as soon as possible, make it applied to product development as soon as possible, create conditions for application personnel, and solve the problems of project approval, capital, personnel, etc. The correct organization and leadership enables the CAD Department of FAW Group to improve the localization level of key materials such as advanced semiconductor materials, new display materials, high-end optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials, and comprehensively apply them to the product development process

2. Establish a mechanism suitable for the development of computer application

the original organizational structure of segmentation is not suitable for the development of CAD technology application. The leaders of the company timely adjusted the organizational structure and established the working form of the sub team with the main inspection and responsibility system of each unit. Problems occurred and were handled in time within the sub team, which promoted the development of CAD technology

3. strengthen the use training of the system

after the introduction of the system, the application personnel have been deeply and systematically trained. The blow molding machine manufacturers need to invest more energy in overseas training and domestic training, and invite foreign senior experts to give lectures, adult hands-on guidance of novices and other forms of off-duty or on-the-job training. Now, more than 2000 people who can skillfully use computers and workstations for design Processing and analysis professionals

4. project driving

the driving of the project is the key factor in the application of CATIA technology. In the past few years after the establishment of the system, there have been Jetta A2 car modification, new xiaohongqi car design, nine ton truck development, replacement light vehicle design, Dahongqi car development, van modification and other projects, which are in urgent need of development with CATIA, forcing many novices to bear the heavy burden, learn by doing, work by learning, and practice, It has created a group of development talents, shortened the development cycle of products, and improved the development quality of products

5. establish strategic partnership with excellent CAD software companies

FAW has established strategic partnership with IBM & Xunli (RP) Technology Co., Ltd. and PTC company, which has received more technical and commercial support from suppliers. For example, cooperate with Xunli (RP) Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the interior of xiaohongqi car, MPV car and truck seats, auxiliary instrument panel and water tank mask of a certain model... And other engineering projects. It can be said that among so many software companies, it is one of the reliable technical guarantees for the product development of FAW Group to cooperate with such a professional engineering and technical service company

v. expectation:

with the fierce competition in the automotive market, the risk of product development is increasing. Compared with foreign advanced large companies, FAW Group still lags far behind in the development of technical means and capabilities, and the scope of application is also relatively limited. In addition to the body development department, the per capita ownership of CAD workstations in other development departments is still small, and the integration of CAD systems is still low, which is far from virtual engineering Concurrent engineering still has a long way to go. Limited by the financial resources of enterprises, the investment in product science and technology development is still too small. The experimental research equipment is still relatively backward and incomplete. There is still a big gap in the overall quality and level of personnel, and it is still necessary to establish an interdisciplinary talent team that can adapt to international enterprises

At the turn of the century, China's automobile industry has faced a severe test. FAW people are more deeply aware of their own crisis. In order to make this typical "large and comprehensive" large state-owned enterprise survive and develop in today's competitive environment of market economy, on the one hand, it must be determined to make major reforms in enterprise management, on the other hand, it must also make great efforts to improve the independent development ability of cars. At present, the revitalization of China's national automobile industry is not only a problem of enterprises themselves, but also a big project. To solve the above two problems requires the overall planning of the state, the efforts of enterprises, the support of the whole people, and the help of the state. FAW Group will intensify its enterprise reform, continue to vigorously increase the construction of computer information system, constantly improve the development ability of cars, comply with the trend of the times, and make continuous efforts and progress for the revitalization of the national automobile industry. (end)

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