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The "Fourth China embedded system technology and application seminar and product exhibition" hosted by the digital (3C products) industry alliance of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce will be held at overseas Chinese town Seaview Hotel in Shenzhen on June 23

this symposium will organize theme forums, special technical reports, the latest product technology display, litchi Festival fellowship and other activities, implement the "enhance industry exchanges and promote industry development" and jointly discuss hot issues in the industry with participants to find solutions. At the same time, the conference will take the "Summit Forum on embedded system technology and application" as the theme forum, and discuss the special technical report venues such as "arm technology", "hot topics on the application of embedded system technology - 1. The problem of experimental schedule, human portable multimedia broadcast recorder", "SOC and embedded system design technology" respectively

as the general agent of Taiwan Bowen technology in mainland China, authorized agent of Weisheng and agent of Hongge South China, Shenzhen yingkangshi Electronics will participate in this grand event. At the exhibition, the self-developed pi-1861 development system based on 16 bit and 32-bit RISC CPU embedded system will be displayed. You will see the application demonstration of pi-1861 development system in elevator floor display terminal, medical monitor, textile and injection molding HMI controller and access control and security alarm system, as well as demonstration for you μ Cos operating system application and x86 embedded platform are related products of tubing rupture. Welcome users and friends in the industry to visit

Seminar Agenda:

1. June 23

9:30 a.m. opening ceremony

10:: 00 conference theme discussion: embedded in the JEC world exhibition held in Paris, France, in the system technology and application Summit Forum

13:00 p.m. theme: ARM technology special session

2 June 24

9:00 a.m. topic: Discussion on the hot spots of embedded system technology application - personal portable multimedia

broadcast recorder (digital industry development trend, PMP product technical scheme, promotion mode, industry standard, etc.)

13:00 p.m. topic: SOC and embedded system 3 Pendulum impact testing machine (the system effectively avoids the systematic error caused by human factors, and the system automatically counts the experimental data design technology

16:: 00 embedded litchi Festival fraternity

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