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Infrastructure driven sales rebound construction machinery strong rebound

infrastructure driven sales rebound construction machinery strong rebound

China Construction machinery information

statistics show that excavator sales in March increased by 56.2% year-on-year, and excavator sales in the first quarter increased by 98.87% year-on-year. In absolute terms, the excavator sales volume in the first quarter of this year has been close to the level of 2012. It is understood that the main models of the construction machinery industry began to bottom up in August 2016. Based on this kind of spirit and the performance of the industry, according to the operating hours and sales data of some models disclosed by the market, this recovery trend is strong

judging from the data, the construction machinery industry is accelerating its recovery. In the second half of 2016, the sales of construction machinery industry had a restorative growth, stopped the continuous loss situation, and began to stabilize and rebound. The sales of construction machinery represented by excavators hit the bottom and rebounded

the government began to grow steadily in early 2016, including PPP to promote infrastructure growth, real estate destocking, etc. since the middle of last year, the real implementation of the project has been achieved. Therefore, first of all, the demand for construction machinery such as excavators is recovering, and then the orders for other industrial equipment are also increasing. This is reflected in the sharp year-on-year growth of excavators in July 2016 and the recovery of demand for machine tools and other midstream manufacturing industries in November. The hot sale of construction machinery since the second half of last year is mainly driven by the full release of renewal demand driven by the commencement of the project

in addition, the establishment of xiong'an new area will also bring opportunities to the construction machinery industry. Xiong'an new area, as a new star with a certain growth and rapid rise over the previous year, its long-term and huge engineering volume will play a positive role in promoting the development of the construction machinery industry. With the help of the east wind of the construction of the new area, the construction machinery industry will usher in a new blue ocean

the high-quality two parties launched by Sandvik materials technology need to connect one year in advance. High performance materials have good corrosion resistance. The recovery of construction machinery will bring investment opportunities to relevant industries. The relevant listed companies in the A-share market, such as Longxi shares (), Sany Heavy Industry (), XCMG machinery (), and Northern shares (), deserve attention

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