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Informatization and intelligence are the development direction of the manufacturing industry

at the second meeting of the Jinqiao Industrial Technology Innovation Conference held on the 28th, many experts pointed out that digitalization, intelligence and interconnection are the product development direction of the manufacturing industry. No matter from the overall trend of international manufacturing industry, or from the actual demand of manufacturing industry that we can provide you with relevant information to transform to service industry, there is a huge space for China's manufacturing industry to develop towards intelligence. But in this process, we must not aim too high and develop unrealistically

Guo Chongqing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, proposed that in the process of intellectualization, every link of the manufacturing value chain must be based on the reengineering of IT technology, and at the same time, the role of the market hand should be played as much as possible. He said that what we need to do in technological innovation: the key to success or failure lies in the commercialization of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the national large-scale manufacturers, which should be guided by the market. The government should not interfere excessively in the research and development of technology, and should let the market stimulate potential technological innovation

in the intelligent factory in Germany, all kinds of sensors monitor the automatic assembly line, raw materials, processing, inventory and so on. When can China's manufacturing industry achieve this? XuHonghai, President of Shanghai Institute of industrial automation and instrumentation, reminded that the good thing for others is to learn, but we must not aim too high to develop the intellectualization of China's manufacturing industry

to realize intelligent factory, its foundation is to realize intelligent workshop, and the foundation of intelligent workshop is automatic production line. Many manufacturing industries in China have not even established automatic assembly lines, which is the reality. Xu Honghai further explained that the establishment of automated assembly lines is inseparable from various sensors and testing instruments. If China is solid and strong in these aspects and the rise of intelligent manufacturing, it will get twice the result with half the effort; Otherwise, it will be like a castle in the air and easy to be restrained

for example, the statement of conductive high molecular materials widely used at present:

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