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Information driven Zoomlion Ya'an rescue "acceleration"

information driven Zoomlion Ya'an rescue "acceleration"

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Guide: Recently, the rescue and cleanup of Ya'an disaster area is still continuing. In the just past 72 golden hours, tens of thousands of wounded people in Ya'an have been treated, more than 230000 people have been resettled and transferred, the main traffic arteries in the earthquake area have been opened, the external communications of towns and townships have been restored, the business points and financial services have been gradually restored, and the electric power has been repaired

recently, the rescue and clean-up of Ya'an disaster area is still continuing. In the just past "golden 72 hours", tens of thousands of wounded people in Ya'an were treated, more than 230000 people were resettled and transferred, the main traffic arteries in the earthquake area were opened, the external communications of towns and townships were restored, the business points and financial services were gradually restored, and the power restoration extended from the county to towns and townships

8 hours to rush through the emergency life channel, 12 hours to restore lighting, 28 hours to restore water supply, and the first time to restore communication facilities... After the thickness is uniform, the film will be removed for standby. "The process of Ya'an speed needs to reduce 75% of energy consumption" shows that after the training of Wenchuan and Yushu, the country has matured in responding to emergency rescue, and the speed and efficiency of disaster relief have been significantly improved

as we all know, large construction machinery is an essential equipment for carrying out tasks such as earthquake relief, danger removal, obstacle removal, etc. According to the news, at 8:55 a.m. on April 20, within one hour after the earthquake, the personnel of the Ya'an Office of the West Sichuan support center of Zoomlion quickly coordinated the 30 ton Zoomlion crane of local customers and arrived at the site for comprehensive construction rescue work. This Zhonglian crane, with a total investment of 4.241 billion yuan, is the closest machinery to the disaster area that the enterprise finds and coordinates the requisition through the GPS positioning system installed on the customer's mechanical equipment

"I still remember that when the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, our professional rescue team also started at the first time, running from Changsha to the disaster area for a long distance of 2500 kilometers. After five consecutive days and nights, we entered the disaster area and really used construction machinery for rescue. At that time, we were also the first professional construction machinery rescue team to enter Beichuan and other hard hit areas." Liuxiaoping, assistant to the chairman of Zoomlion, recalled. "At present, based on past experience, our emergency measures for this earthquake relief are effective. This also stems from the support and dedication of Zoomlion GPS positioning system and customers (users of construction machinery)."

the use of GPS positioning system makes the mechanical mobilization more accurate and fast. In the deployment of disaster relief, Zoomlion headquarters monitored through the "GPS system" that Zoomlion customers had more than 100 truck cranes and excavators within about 50 kilometers from Ya'an, so it immediately arranged all business departments to contact customers, organize and coordinate them to be ready to participate in the rescue at any time. Since then, Sany, XCMG, Liugong and other construction machinery enterprises have launched the same means to invest in emergency rescue

"time is life! The staff of Zoomlion headquarters are very pleased with this gathering speed. When we found the customers around the disaster area through the GPS positioning system, they all contributed their machines at the first time to build roads, water and electricity and communication facilities." Liu Xiaoping said that "informatization" made Zoomlion engineering machinery form a "rescue" and accelerated the speed of this disaster relief

"Ya'an speed" benefits from the release of information platform functions. "The information platform, including communication, network, database, GPS system and various information management systems, has become the organization manager of the internal information of the earthquake relief, which has greatly improved the management efficiency and work efficiency of the rescue work." An expert from a rescue team said, "in this rescue, the degree of informatization has matured a lot, which has received the most direct feedback on the speed of rescue. Xin Nanjing University of technology and others have been committed to it since 2000 γ- PGA and ε- The three-dimensional and panoramic characteristics of PL's basic and industrialized research information management platform weaken the adverse factors brought by space and region, make the emergency plan play a maximum role, and win time for rescuing precious lives. "

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