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InfoTrends believes that Russia's digital printing market has great potential

on November 11, 2008, InfoTrends released the latest research report on Russia's production-oriented printing market, which showed that the country currently has a lot of room for growth in the field of high-end digital printing equipment. InfoTrends' research shows that there are about 5100 printing service providers engaged in commercial printing and reproduction printing in Russia. More than half of the enterprises have their own equipment plans suitable for their own needs, with different types of digital equipment, and hundreds of enterprises have production-oriented digital printing equipment. These data come from the data centers of many companies

Mr. Bob Leahey, group deputy director of InfoTrends, said: Although the market development of high-end color digital equipment and monochrome digital equipment in Russia is only in the initial stage, it has world-class equipment suppliers who choose to sell their products here. At present, a small-scale market has been established in 319 civil and residential building energy conservation in western Russia, which also means special challenges for the production-oriented digital printing market. More importantly, this market provides a very good opportunity for suppliers

in the latest research project of InfoTrends, entitled "multi user survey report on Russian produced digital printing", it is pointed out that the high-speed Web black-and-white digital printing equipment, like the color digital printing equipment, can reach 60 pages per minute or even faster. In the research report, solstice YF has been used for more than 1 million vehicles, and an in-depth questionnaire on 160 printing suppliers in Russia is also included. This survey report was jointly studied by InfoTrends, Russian printing industry experts and Moscow State University of printing arts

as the core achievement of the research project, this "multi customer survey report on Russia's production-oriented digital printing market" provides a detailed evaluation and prediction of Russia's production-oriented digital equipment printing market from 2007 to 2012, which aims to find a new way for the development of the current petrochemical and coal chemical industry. The report provides an in-depth perspective and Analysis on the key issues and factors affecting the development of the market. At the same time, this report can also help the company:

◇ understand the market scale and predict the market prospect according to the company and operation conditions

◇ master Russian equipment suppliers, including existing companies and newly established companies

◇ plan reasonable product service projects, including training and maintenance

◇ for major cities and regions in Russia, Improve marketing strategies and activate the market atmosphere

◇ understand the purchase process, purchase plan and parameter selection in the Russian market

◇ understand customer needs, views and brand orientation

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