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Informatization helps Meishan company "three streams in one"

basic information of the enterprise

CSR Meishan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. is the development and production base of railway freight vehicles and machine, passenger and freight train brakes in China, and the largest railway vehicle production and manufacturing enterprise in Western China. With nearly 5000 employees, the annual sales volume reaches 2billion. The annual output of each type of railway freight car is 5000 and each type of brake is 35000 (sets)

overall status and planning of informatization application

(I) current status of informatization application

the company's informatization application system mainly includes ERP system, PDM system, CAPP system, fabcost system (manufacturing material cost control management), drawing and document encryption system, and OA system. Among them, ERP system, PDM system, CAPP system and fabcost system transmit data to each other through system interface, realize data sharing, effectively coordinate all systems, and form a complete enterprise information application system. At present, we have completed the implementation and application of PDM, CAPP, fabcost, OA and graphic document encryption systems, and ERP system has completed the implementation and application of financial system, logistics system, sales system and production management system, forming a production management mode combining MRP and JIT, and an information application architecture integrating logistics, information flow and capital flow

(II) application of each system

1 ERP system

(1) application of logistics system

① it improves the utilization rate of materials and effectively controls material procurement and production materials

② the daily clearing, daily settlement, and the consistency between accounts and reality have been greatly improved, the timeliness of delivery and warehousing has been greatly improved, and the material inventory and resource information are accurate and reliable

③ daily business management is more detailed, and the management of key links of materials has reached "sunshine management"

④ establish partnership with outsourcing manufacturers and standardize outsourcing management

(2) application of production system

① the production system is online, and the production plan is transferred from the monthly plan to the daily plan. The concept of production management personnel has changed fundamentally, and the production management has gradually changed from extensive management to refined management, so that the production plan is more scientific and reasonable, the significance of on-site production guidance is stronger, and the production management is more in place, It makes the cars that use new materials and new processes shine in the market, and realizes the organic combination of rotation operation plan and assembly line production

② the picking system for workshop production materials has changed to the mode of combining distribution and picking system, and the workshop material in-process accounting, product in-process accounting, station material master accounting, corridor in-process accounting and warehouse accounting have been established, which makes the workshop material in-process and product in-process management more detailed, and realizes the picking of materials in the workshop according to the task quota, the picking of materials in the warehouse according to the task quota, the daily clearing and settlement of workshops and warehouses, and the occupation of WIP funds in the workshop has been controlled

③ the production workshop produces according to the assigned production plan, effectively avoiding the waste and loss caused by process changes and design changes in the case of advanced and excess production

④ promote the optimal allocation of human resources, the timely resolution of equipment failures, quality and other problems, improve the production efficiency of the whole enterprise, and improve, strengthen and optimize the management of all aspects of enterprise production management

⑤ the production workshop reports work according to the route and station, and the progress of each production line and the production progress of parts and components are clear at a glance, which improves the flexibility and ability of the company to deal with emergencies

⑥ materials are delivered in time, which shortens the production cycle, reduces unnecessary time waste, and saves a lot of labor costs

(3) application effect of financial system

① through the general ledger report system, the requirements of the financial department for relevant financial business accounting are met

② through the inventory accounting system and a/P system, the company realizes the management of individual material differences of inventory materials, which not only improves the accuracy of accounting, but also improves the timeliness, reliability and accuracy of accounting. Through real-time reflection and supervision of the receipt, delivery, return and storage of inventory, reflection and supervision of the occupation of inventory funds, enterprises can improve the use effect of funds, Provide guarantee for enterprises to reduce inventory costs

③ through the A/R system, it solves the accounting and management of sales business, standardizes the business behavior of relevant business departments, strengthens the supervision and inspection of accounts receivable, provides real-time creditor's rights information for risk management departments, prevents the occurrence of bad debt losses, and reduces the occurrence of capital costs and management expenses

④ through the fixed asset management system, the accuracy of asset depreciation accounting is improved, the relevant business processing behavior of asset management departments is standardized, the monitoring of asset use process is strengthened, the classification management of assets is realized, and the whole life management of assets from formation depreciation change scrap is realized, so as to ensure the safety and integrity of state-owned assets

2. The application of PDM system

has established the NX two-dimensional engineering drawing specification of CSR Meishan Vehicle Co., Ltd., the NX three-dimensional modeling specification of CSR Meishan Vehicle Co., Ltd. and the NX assembly modeling specification of CSR Meishan Vehicle Co., Ltd; According to the inherent characteristics of UGS NX software, the "scope of difference and identification between NX software engineering drawing and national standards" is formulated; Through the implementation of PDM, the company has achieved:

① improve and standardize the existing technology management system

② establish a resource sharing product data information base to reduce product scrap, repeated work and redundant parts

③ establish a parallel and advanced product design, process design and development environment to shorten the time for products to be put on the market

④ establish the design and production process based on electronic products, reduce the number of changes in product design and trial production, and reduce the design cost

⑤ implement comprehensive and standardized design process management in product design

⑥ accelerate the upgrading of products, reduce the cost of product design, trial production and enterprise management

⑦ the company has established a unified technical management platform to realize the centralized management of 3D design and process documents

pdm system features: realize the collaborative development of design and process; Top down three-dimensional design method; Process management of product design; Life cycle management of product documents, tooling and process routes of product structure tree; Provide complete product data source for CAPP

3. CAPP system application

realize the close integration of CAPP process documents and PDM. Based on product drawings and design BOMs, technologists realize concurrent engineering of product design and process; At the same time, the process document automatically creates the process document under the corresponding product parts, forms a complete technical data file of products, processes, etc. in the PDM system, and can browse the design and process documents of any parts; Automatically extract and form the material code information, process route information, quota information, manufacturing BOM and other key information required by ERP

① provide convenient and practical process document tools, unify the format of process documents, improve the efficiency of process design and the standardization and normalization of process data, and shorten the cycle of product process design

② realize the data and application integration of CAPP system and PDM system. The process data and documents are centrally and uniformly managed by PDM system, realize the information sharing of product design and process design, realize the computer management of process tasks, process document signing process and process change process, improve the standardization and automation of process task execution, and facilitate the traceability of historical change information. Through the integration with fabcost system, the requirements of enterprise management for material quota are solved

③ complete daily management such as process technology innovation, new product process design, product trial production and tooling management in PDM system

④ realize the centralized management of typical processes of enterprises and improve the reuse rate of process knowledge

⑤ realize the centralized management of equipment, process equipment, process terminology, materials and other process resources, and can be integrated with CAPP system to improve the degree of process standardization and compilation efficiency

⑥ through the CAPP process resource management integration function, realize the two-way interaction with ERP system in the process of process design, meet the needs of ERP system for the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of basic manufacturing data, and realize the data sharing between engineering technology platform and enterprise management platform. At the same time, through the integration with PDM, a complete unified management of product design data and process design data is formed, which provides a convenient one-stop engineering management data consulting platform for enterprises

4. Application of fabcost (manufacturing material cost control management system)

after using the material typesetting software, the material information used by fabcost is extracted from ERP through the typesetting twice by the competent department and production site, so that the typesetters can fully consider the existing inventory information; The company has used the system to typeset five vehicle models. Through the implementation of the first phase of fabcast, the comprehensive utilization rate of steel has been increased by four to five percentage points, avoiding unnecessary overstock of raw materials; The materials, consumption quota, surplus materials and other relevant information generated after typesetting are integrated with the ERP system to control the procurement and production links, and take the ERP workshop picking task as the basis for picking materials

system features: it realizes the integration and information sharing of fabcost system with ERP and CAPP, and remains unified with logistics

(III) informatization planning

at present, Meishan company has established an enterprise informatization management system based on PDM, CAPP, ERP and other informatization application systems in the headquarters of the company. Among them, PDM, CAPP and other projects have been applied. ERP project processing is in the fourth stage. According to the plan, by the first half of 2009, fixture mechanism: according to the tested products, the implementation and application of the whole ERP system in the headquarters of the company will be completed. Therefore, In the next few years, Meishan company will take the implementation of ERP system as an opportunity to establish an enterprise management mode of information management. Focus on ERP system, optimize enterprise management process, deepen the application of PDM and CAPP, and establish smooth enterprise information management; Establish "trial production control system", "mold forming analysis system", "electronic bidding procurement system", "computer aided analysis (CAE) system", and then form the company's management framework through ERP system application, feedback and process control, forming an optimized and circular management mode. Expand the application scope of PDM, CAPP and ERP systems in subsidiaries and form a group application mode of ERP

establish an enterprise information resource integration platform, and form a complete enterprise information application platform through the unified integration of PDM, CAPP, ERP, OA and other information application systems, so as to improve the production, operation, management and other levels, links and aspects of the enterprise, and continuously improve the decision-making ability and competitiveness of the enterprise. Enterprise leaders can timely grasp the operation of each system on the portal system, understand various business information, and grasp the basis of decision-making at any time

enterprise technology application system includes three-dimensional design software, finite element analysis software, dynamic analysis software, etc. of products and process equipment

the informatization construction currently implemented is the first phase of the company's informatization construction, involving all units involved in the company's main business except brake technology company, fastener company and Tongsheng automobile company. Based on the successful implementation of phase I project, the company will informatization the brake technology company, fastener company and Tongsheng automobile company

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