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The infrared LED market is poised for development. Who is better in the "fight" between Taiwan enterprises and mainland enterprises

in recent years, due to the strong support of industrial policies of various countries, the improvement of public awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the continuous improvement of LED product characteristics and the gradual decline of costs, the scale of LED downstream market has increased rapidly by 6 Save the experimental data quickly

according to the research data of the LED Institute of higher industry and Research (GGII), the market scale of China's LED downstream application field in 2016 was 369.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 15.71%, the growth rate is similar to that in 2015. GGII predicts that the output value of LED downstream applications in China will reach 445.1 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 20.4%

among them, LED lighting, as the largest downstream application market, has considerable increment and growth rate. With the overall recovery of the LED lighting market, the demand for LED chips continues to grow. In the future, with the explosion of small spacing market and the continuous and rapid growth of lighting market demand, the LED chip industry will grow steadily and rapidly. GGII predicts that the output value of China's LED chip industry will reach 18.8 billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 29.6%; In 2020, the output value of China's LED chip industry will exceed 28.8 billion yuan

however, looking forward to the future, due to the rising price competition pressure in the general lighting market, high-power modules and other niche products will play a key role if manufacturers want to keep profits in the future. Among them, infrared LED will be one of the most noteworthy new fields

after blue LED fell into the blue ocean market due to lighting price competition, non blue LED technology rose rapidly, especially after Samsung Electronics Galaxy S8 and Apple's new iPhone will be equipped with biometric technologies such as 3D sensing, the explosion and growth of new applications in the market are poised

as some Chinese manufacturers entered the infrared LED market, the prices of some mainstream IR LEDs fell rapidly. However, with the emergence of various emerging applications, such as safety industrial monitoring, virtual reality devices and face and iris recognition, the output value of infrared LED continues to grow. It is estimated that the market size of infrared LED in 2017 is estimated to be about US $441million (excluding the 41% optical sensing element market in 16 (1) 9 years). It is estimated that it will grow to $699million by 2021

blue LED overcapacity IR LED demand rises

blue LED overcapacity, but the growth of infrared LED related applications in 2017 has attracted high attention under the rise of various emerging demands. Jibang consulting pointed out that in addition to the already widely used safety monitoring, emerging applications, including face and iris recognition, heartbeat and oxygen sensing, virtual reality (AR), vehicle sensing, will bring infinite business opportunities

at this stage, the infrared LED market is widely used, mainly in the vehicle market, including safety monitoring, iris/Shendong development preparation center waste materials return to work to save 1.1 million yuan face recognition, heartbeat blood oxygen detection, time of flight, structured light technology, automatic driving assistance system, etc. In recent years, hand-held application devices, such as smart devices, have gradually combined identity authentication and payment systems, placing more emphasis on the security of users, so the functional requirements for biometrics are more stringent

as for the rise of mobile payment demand, it has boosted the demand for face and iris recognition products. With the introduction of iris recognition by Fujitsu and Samsung, it is expected to attract other brands to follow up and even further launch an "arms race" to improve hardware specifications

in addition, the reflective heartbeat oxygen sensor module is mainly used for healthy exercise at this stage, and is mainly sold to wearable devices. If future applications can be applied to home care, education and training, and driving attention assistance system, the demand for reflective heartbeat oxygen sensor module will be increased

in terms of virtual reality, it is estimated that the output value of infrared LEDs on virtual reality devices in 2016 was $14million, which will continue to grow in the future; In 2017, in addition to the three major virtual reality devices driving up shipments, new manufacturers such as Tencent, Nintendo, Microsoft and Dell are about to enter this market

finally, the application of infrared LED and infrared laser (VCSEL) in the vehicle market is gradually rising. Since 2000, international car manufacturers have developed safety technology outside the vehicle. Since 2010, safety technology has gradually extended to the relevant research of drivers in the cabin. It is estimated that after 2020, the development focus is to detect the immediate physiological perception and state of drivers, so as to reduce accidents. As the car factory improves the added value of vehicles, various infrared sensors are also introduced, and the automatic driving assistance system (ADAS) brings infinite business opportunities to the infrared sensing market

Taiwan enterprises have been deeply involved in the layout for a long time, and new competitions are in full swing.

infrared has developed for a long time, and there are many old brand manufacturers in Taiwan, China. In terms of Taiwan factory, at present, the manufacturers capable of producing IR LED chips are Jingdian and Guangguang. China is by far the world's largest machinery and equipment market, and the manufacturers with rear packaging capabilities include Yanjing, Yiguang and Lunda

inspired by the emerging hot applications such as iris recognition, optical fingerprint recognition, face recognition, night driving visual distance and night security control monitoring, Taiwan LED factory accelerated the layout of high-power infrared LED technology in 2017, including crystal, Guangbao, Yiguang, Dongbei, Guangxing and so on, which regard infrared LED as key products

led chip giant crystal optoelectronics has cultivated the field of optoelectronic semiconductors for many years. At present, it has advanced manufacturing technology and complete patent layout, including ultra high brightness LED chips, and is also in a leading position in the field of infrared LEDs

at this stage, crystal's infrared LED products are mainly used in two fields: short-range sensors (mainly small-size products) and safety monitoring (mainly high-power products). Crystal's IR LED products have a good performance in the field of and security monitoring, and the performance of products is improving steadily every year

Guanglei is also fully engaged in infrared LED. In 2015, it has entered the intelligent and notebook computer (NB) iris recognition customer supply chain, and has successively submitted samples for certification. In the first half of 2016, it started mass production

and the chassis manufacturers can convert the investment into optical fiber, specializing in UV LED, IR LED and LED chip products with special wavelengths. With the adjustment of product line, Guangyu's operation has improved this year, effectively boosting profits; It is estimated that the proportion of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) led revenue will continue to increase. In addition to the recovery of orders from customers in the existing security control market, the introduction of new applications for iris recognition and face recognition into consumer electronics will grow. It is expected that second-line brands will follow up the introduction, and optical technology is expected to strive for business opportunities

with "light" as its main business, Yiguang, a large packaging manufacturer in Taiwan, has focused on multi angle operation and active research and development along the way, and has a complete product portfolio to meet the diversified needs of the market. Yiguang's infrared products, including optointerrupters, whether distance sensing reflective light interrupters or object masking detection opposed light interrupters, digital (SMT) and encoder (ECD), have any size, operating range, photocurrent and sensing ability

Yanjing optoelectronics is one of the well-known UV LED and infrared LED manufacturers. With many years of experience, it specializes in close cooperation with chip manufacturers, packaging product development and optical design, and develops UV LED and infrared LED products in combination with the above three main advantages

similarly, Taiwan LED vertical integration factory Lunda invisible IR infrared light has cooperated with customers to develop 3D face recognition system packaging components, which has entered the verification stage. Lunda said that the growth rate of face recognition is accelerating, except for access control systems, which can be extended to robots, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields in the future, and the prospect is promising

mainland enterprises catch up, and their technologies and products have been recognized.

at present, OSRAM and Vishay are still the leaders of the industry. However, other manufacturers such as Everlight or EPISTAR will also benefit from this market opportunity by gradually penetrating the market through large investments. At present, led listed companies in the mainland, including San'an optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics, Guoxing optoelectronics, Hongli Zhihui, Qianzhao optoelectronics, Lianchuang optoelectronics, have relevant business layouts

Guoxing optoelectronics, as an ir/uvled enterprise with an earlier layout in China, has successively launched special devices such as infrared/ultraviolet devices, automotive headlamp devices, plant lighting, etc. since 2015, which has received continuous attention from the market and is widely used in clients. At this year's Asia optics exhibition, Guoxing optoelectronics launched the first domestic VCSEL infrared product of gallium arsenide semiconductor material

it is understood that this product has the characteristics of narrow light angle, high light purity, fast light reaction speed, accurate rear-end sensing, etc., of which the light reaction speed is 10 times that of LED. Moreover, like LED devices, it can be directly used on the, without special design and convenient to use

Hongli Zhihui (300219), a domestic LED packaging listed company, has actively deployed in other LED subdivisions in recent years, and has also long been deployed in the field of infrared LED (subdivisions include image recognition and face recognition)

Xusheng Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hongli Zhihui new third board, is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of infrared LED devices and their components. As the company's new microcrystalline series ir-led and its modules have been recognized by the market, it has gradually established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with leading enterprises in the security industry, which has released the production and sales scale and greatly enhanced its sales performance

as a global leader in LED chips, at the "core" opportunities, new challenges and new product launch in April this year, Xu ChenKe, deputy general manager and general manager of the R & D center of San'an optoelectronics, introduced the company's research results in infrared LED. At present, San'an has developed a series of leading technologies such as double junction, eutectic and no red burst to meet the rapidly exploding demand of the infrared LED market

as the second largest LED chip enterprise in China, Huacan optoelectronics also has a corresponding layout in terms of infrared LEDs. In terms of new technology research and development, Huacan optoelectronics began to increase investment last year, of which infrared LED is expected to achieve mass production by the end of this year, and the micro led project in cooperation with famous manufacturers has also achieved preliminary results

in order to further consolidate and strengthen the core competitiveness of the company and create new profit growth points for the company, ganzhao optoelectronics, another major domestic LED chip listed enterprise, still maintains a high R & D investment in the development of new products such as near-infrared LED chips. According to the performance report of Qianzhao Optoelectronics in the first half of 2017, the near-infrared LED chip product development plans to develop a market segment to replace the traditional ternary near-infrared LED chip. The project has begun small batch production

at the end: with the strong rise of mainland enterprises, Taiwan manufacturers have abandoned blue-green LEDs and turned to niche markets with high gross margins. As the demand for infrared LED market surges, Taiwan enterprises that have long been deployed in this field are expected to usher in a new round of profits. However, the continuous follow-up of many mainland manufacturers will also intensify the competition in this field. The "love and kill" between Taiwan enterprises and mainland enterprises will also continue to be staged

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