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Information technology services smart electricity business reform and innovation

since the State Power Corporation first proposed the construction of strong smart electricity in China in 2009, China's smart electricity construction has gradually stepped into the comprehensive construction stage from exploration and research. In the process of the gradual deepening of the construction of smart electricity, the business model of traditional electricity is facing the challenge of reform, and the production, management and business operations of enterprises will continue to tend to be integrated and innovative. The transformation and innovation of intelligent electricity business put forward higher requirements for the application of information technology. Information technology not only needs to provide support for the development strategy and various business areas of electricity enterprises, but also needs to be an important engine of enterprise business innovation, leading the traditional electricity business to move towards intelligence and information

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, electric power enterprises pay more attention to the importance of information technology in the current long-term strategic development of electric power enterprises. In 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed that the production of information, especially materials such as EPP foam, will increase rapidly, and the work should comprehensively serve and support the company's smart electricity construction; In 2011, the southern power company proposed the development idea of transforming power development to a more intelligent, efficient, reliable and green direction, and transforming enterprise management to a lean direction, and emphasized the use of information technology to comprehensively improve innovation capabilities

as an important consulting and research institution in the field of domestic information technology, CCID information has long paid attention to the field of intelligent electric information technology. 2011 materials are the material foundation for human survival and development. In July 2011, CCID information released the white paper on China's smart electricity information technology system in Beijing, which put forward the panorama of smart electricity core business, analyzed the smart electricity information technology system architecture in detail, and focused on the smart key application fields and information support technologies at the power supply, power and power consumption sides

smart electricity business shows significant integration and innovation characteristics

smart electricity, the business is developing from isolation and Decentralization under the traditional electricity mode to collaborative innovation. Under the dual promotion of technology guidance and business integration, new business areas such as large-scale renewable energy integration, electric vehicle charging station/pile management, interactive marketing and other new business areas will emerge, and the whole electricity business will show significant integration and innovation characteristics

smart power was built in 2012 with a 10000 ton/year thermoplastic vulcanized rubber complete set of industrial devices. Core business panorama

information technology fully supports smart power business innovation

under smart power, important changes will take place in the business system, and new requirements will be put forward for information technology. Information technology needs to provide a platform for the high sharing of information in various business areas of smart electricity, provide support for the collection, analysis and advanced application of panoramic information in electricity, and promote the high integration of information in all links and levels of electricity and the deep integration of business

CCID Consulting studies and proposes the intelligent electric information technology architecture, which can be divided into four layers and two vertical layers. The four layers refer to the data acquisition layer, infrastructure layer, information integration layer and application display layer respectively, and the two vertical layers refer to the electric information security protection system and electric information standardization system respectively. Each level system puts forward more targeted technical content according to the characteristics of smart electricity

CCID consultants will continue to provide services to the builders of smart electricity in China, help power enterprises scientifically research and build smart electricity information technology system, provide innovative means for power enterprises to comprehensively and deeply promote the construction of information-based services smart electricity, and provide support for the final establishment of interactive, green, safe, self-healing, high-quality and economic modern electricity

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