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North China industrial control embedded motherboard Mini

North China industrial control recently launched two mini itx motherboards based on Intel chipsets, named mitx-6834 and mitx-6852 respectively, for the entry-level PC and multimedia PC markets

the two new products are socket 479 interfaces and support Intel processors of many models. The two main board pw4084 and pw4168 engines are made of pr500 epoxy resin. The fan OGV is positioned as a high-end in the North China industrial control Mini itx product family. It can not only handle multi task operations or execute multiple applications at the same time, but also provide extremely high-speed computing performance. With industrial specifications and the advantages of high efficiency and low power consumption, it is very suitable for game machines/game consoles, POS, digital image monitoring (d VR before selecting fixtures), intelligent transportation system (ITS), interactive platform, industrial control and automation, digital security monitoring, medical computers and other fields

Intel-91gm/Pentium> chip is a set of intel-91gm-680l processor with low power consumption, which is based on intel-916m/Pentium> chip; Integrated display controller, supporting VGA/TV-out/LVDS/DVI display; Two 200pin dual channel SO-DIMM memory sockets, supporting DDR Ⅱ 400MHz/533MHz, with a maximum capacity of 2GB; 4 SATA interfaces, 8 USB2 0, 2 serial ports and 2 100 Gigabit optional Ethernet interfaces

mitx-6852 motherboard is a Low-Power Embedded special board, which adopts 945gme + ich7r chipset, supports Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo CPU, and FSB can reach 667mhz; DDR/533/667mhz system memory can be up to 2GB. Standard ATX power supply supports 12V input or single power supply. Two Intel 82573v PCI-E card chips are used to provide two 1000mps cards, which support LVDS (DVI) + CRT independent dual display function and watchdog timer function

North China industrial control mitx-itx series also provides other advanced functions, such as checking whether the USB hardware driver is normal in the programmable input and output interface equipment manager, IrDA, watchdog timer, BIOS with virus protection, etc. Mitx-itx has become the best solution for system developers because of its low power consumption and high performance

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