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Zoomlion won the first "China M & a · golden sycamore Award"

Zoomlion won the first "China M & a · golden sycamore Award"

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, As the world's leading high-end equipment manufacturer, Zoomlion won the "golden parasol - best effect Award for M & A and restructuring of traditional industries" by virtue of its successful merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry in 2014. Ms. duyouqi, senior president of Zoomlion, received the award on behalf of Zoomlion and witnessed this glorious moment. More than 500 people from academia, M & a service institutions and business circles gathered together to discuss new opportunities and challenges in the domestic M & a industry

Zoomlion won the first China M & a golden sycamore Award - duyouqi, senior president of Zoomlion, received the award

it is reported that the "China M & a golden sycamore Award" is sponsored by the China M & a cooperation alliance and selected by the China Securities Journal. According to the evaluation criteria of innovation, influence and value-added, it aims to create a high-level authoritative award in the domestic M & a industry in the fields of integration effect, professional services, operating skills and innovation ability. The industry believes that Zoomlion's winning the "best effect of M & A and reorganization of traditional industries - the range Award for materials to maintain plastic deformation without fracture" is a high recognition for Zoomlion's effective solution to industry overcapacity and strong promotion of industry upgrading and structural adjustment after its merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry

duyouqi, senior president of Zoomlion, said that Zoomlion's successful acquisition of Chery heavy industries last year added one member to Zoomlion's family and added another powerful team to the industrial landscape. Through M & A and reorganization, Shandong Aluminum enterprises in the industry have successfully realized the double benefits of economic and social benefits in the continuous extension of industrial chain integration. Zoomlion is honored to be awarded the "best effect Award for M & A of traditional industries". In the future, Zoomlion will continue to explore new laws of industrial development and find a blue ocean in the new business world

in August, 2014, Zoomlion, together with Hony capital and other companies, merged and acquired Chery heavy industries, a leading domestic agricultural machinery enterprise, so that Zoomlion's agricultural machinery business was realized, realizing the transformation from an engineering machinery enterprise to an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, financial services and so on

on this basis, Zoomlion is committed to becoming a "leading overall solution service provider for agricultural production mechanization in China". Among them, yuanlongping, the "father of hybrid rice", joined hands to launch the "super high yield hybrid rice agricultural machinery and agronomy integration demonstration project", which enabled Zoomlion to successfully seize the commanding height of the agricultural machinery market. With the continuous advancement of China's agricultural modernization process and the continuous inclination of the state to the independent brand policy of medium and high-end agricultural machinery, Zoomlion agricultural machinery industry is expected to achieve leapfrog development in the next two to three years

in fact, as the "international M & a sample" of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is mostly between 50% and 100%. Zoomlion has many successful cases in the past global resource integration: Zoomlion has successively acquired world-class enterprises such as CIFA company in Italy, m-TEC company in Germany, raxtar company in the Netherlands. In the future, Zoomlion will make steady progress in the development of the "new normal of material standards" in China's economy, strive to promote transformation and upgrading through innovative business models, forge ahead with the "craftsman spirit", closely focus on the national development goal of "made in China 2025", and walk a bright road in the domestic and international markets

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