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ZTE's new government and enterprise products were released in the spring. Recently, the road building competition has intensified the digital economy and win-win cloud ecology. ZTE's 2021 government and Enterprise Cloud ecology summit was held in Nanjing, the ancient capital of Six Dynasties. During the summit, ZTE launched a number of new products, which attracted the attention of the industry

create secure, integrated and intelligent global connectivity

Chuangxin network products

ZTE's series Chuangxin network products for the enterprise market, including the new generation flagship core switch c89e series and X series intelligent full service routers. This series of chuangxinluo products are based on domestic self-developed chips and independent intellectual property operating systems, which have greatly improved in terms of multi service integration, performance and security, and helped Qianxing Baiye digital transformation and intelligent infrastructure upgrading

as an important new member of ZTE's iCampus Park solution family, the new generation flagship core switch c89e is equipped with ZTE's self-developed core chips and supports a variety of interface boards with 100ge/25ge/10ge/ge line speed forwarding. It has the capacity of massive capacity expansion and flexible upgrade. Its frame depth is the smallest in the industry and meets the flexible installation of a variety of cabinets. It can be widely used in smart parks, power, campuses Factory intelligent manufacturing and other scenarios, as well as the network construction requirements of the data center

x series Chuangxin intelligent full service router covers a variety of product forms, such as core router m6000-s, access/Convergence Router 68e/3800/2800, etc. It can be widely used in the export customs of enterprises and parks, enterprise headquarters/branch access, vertical convergence/access, sdn/sd-wan and other scenarios

the new annual version of goldendb v6.0

helped the structural transformation of large state-owned banks

ZTE released the new annual version of goldendb -goldendb V6.0, which officially sounded the clarion call for goldendb distributed database to enter large state-owned commercial banks, and presented the value orientation of goldendb distributed database as the core financial engine and road building digital economy to the guests

in view of the problems of large amount of data, complex business logic and difficult system management in the core business system of large state-owned banks, goldendb V6.0 version focuses on meeting the requirements of extreme stability of the financial core business, and continues to innovate from the three aspects of cluster scale, service capability and operation and maintenance management to realize the leapfrog development of the distributed architecture transformation of the financial industry

industry leading

two-way 4K UHD video terminal

ZTE leads the industry, and takes the lead in releasing two two two-way 4K UHD video terminals, the flexible collaboration video terminal xt501 and the cutting-edge Pratt & Whitney video terminal xt602. So far, ZTE has completed the layout of end-to-end full range of 4K UHD video products, and fully opened 5g UHD video

xt501 is the industry's first collaborative, two-way 4K integrated video terminal. It adopts h.265 coding and 100% self-developed audio and video technology to achieve 4k30fps ultra-high definition image quality of main and auxiliary streams; The ultra silent pan tilt is equipped with a 72 degree wide-angle lens, which provides a panoramic view and helps the development of the plastic industry. At the same time, it has achieved seamless integration with cloud computing, directly integrating cloud computing clients, scanning the code to log in to the cloud desktop system, one machine for multiple purposes, and sharing cloud computing resources

xt602 is a two-way 4K split video terminal. It only needs 1m bandwidth to achieve 4k30fps ultra-high definition image quality. It can start from one production line and has stronger packet loss resistance. It is equipped with rich audio and video interfaces (3 in and 3 out of video, 8 in and 7 out of audio). It can be called the best choice product in medium and large conference rooms

lean production flexible manufacturing

5g industrial natural navigation AGV T260 products

at the summit, ZTE officially released the industry's first industrial natural navigation AGV loading platform zxagv with 5g modules_ T260。 From innovative R & D to mature commercial use, T260 has greatly improved the transportation turnover efficiency and helped customers achieve lean production and flexible manufacturing in many projects, such as ZTE Nanjing Binjiang intelligent manufacturing base, a terminal manufacturing plant in Changsha, a processing equipment manufacturing plant in Nanjing, etc

top lift agv

roller agv

zxagv_ T260 is the industry's first industrial natural navigation AGV load platform integrated with 5g modules, supporting 5g full band communication. In industrial areas, 5g network can effectively solve the problem of large AP handover delay, and the average drop rate is reduced by 80%. The independently developed rbrain intelligent dispatching system, based on 5g industrial edge cloud deployment, has the characteristic functions of intelligent assignment, traffic control, process visualization and so on. The large-scale multi vehicle dispatching can support up to 1000 sets, and support the construction of plastic granulator equipment such as 100000 m2 map, which has serious environmental pollution, and can realize the seamless connection with wms/mes and other systems

ZXAGV_ T260 adopts industrial natural navigation technology to realize the integration of laser and visual navigation. It has extended functions such as object recognition, human body recognition and intelligent decision-making. Compared with the traditional magnetic stripe/QR code navigation mode, it is suitable for more scenes, especially the industrial production environment under complex working conditions and complex light, avoiding the defect that the magnetic stripe/QR code is easy to be polluted and damaged. The reconstruction of site deployment is few, the cycle is short, the working space is large, and the site deployment cost is reduced by about 80%

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