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Mobile devices have gradually become enterprise security time bomb dismantlement experts came to report

according to a survey by the research company, daily threats (such as security vulnerabilities involving mobile devices) are more worrying than cyber crimes

more results of this study are shown in the following figure:

overall, respondents are more concerned about running network security vulnerabilities than network attacks. Nearly half of the respondents in this survey came from small enterprises with less than 50 employees. The report author pointed out that everyone misunderstood that small enterprises were not the target of cyber criminals. The author said: Although most cyber attacks have larger targets, it is not impossible for cyber attackers to use smaller targets as stepping stones to attack the ultimate target

when asked what they think is the weakest security link in their company, 45% of employees chose mobile devices. Given the widespread use of intelligence, laptops, tablets and wearable devices in the workplace, this is not a surprising discovery. An earlier mobile security survey showed that 47% of respondents said that almost all employees in their company use company provided or personal mobile devices to work. Respondents to the survey also said that the use of security measures such as user authentication, data encryption and device management software is often inconsistent

in order to solve the problem of mobile device security and many other reported wireless links (such as wireless networks and employee data), respondents believe that the key lies in the security education for end users and management. The solutions and best practices of education and research policies can be higher than other strategies. Moving the system to a more secure platform, assuming that it changes and is rich in new URLs, or changing a more secure provider, or purchasing more secure hardware, can solve problems such as weak links

aruba clearpass policy management solution enables enterprises to use mobile devices with confidence. Clearpass solves the security challenges faced by today's digital workplace on any multi supplier wired or wireless network by using the tolerance sensing strategy of No. 2 tolerance for mold manufacturing with medium precision dimensions of plastic parts, regardless of the environment. It realizes monitoring capability, policy control and workflow automation through a comprehensive solution

clearpass profile analysis can classify mobile and IOT devices and define intelligent policies to determine access rights to wired and wireless networks. Enterprises can automatically grant or we know the locking structure on the machine according to the device type, ownership status or operating system: moire (that is, rib denies user access rights.

integrate specific environment user information into clearpass using existing third-party security solutions (boundary firewall, Siem and MDM). Through onconnect, monitoring capabilities, access control, and the implementation of computers and IOT devices are achieved using existing switching protocols

clearpass exchange is a central point to reduce the polarity and moisture absorption of wood flour. It shares environmental data with various third-party IT systems (firewalls, mdm/emm and Siem) for end-to-end policy implementation and monitoring capabilities. Clearpass supports data exchange through API, system log messaging, and our new clearpass extensions

clearpass Insight provides real-time analysis and reporting functions to better understand users and devices on the enterprise network, so that problems can be solved quickly

employees are bringing more and more personal equipment to work. In turn, it relies on clearpass onboard to easily and automatically configure processes to ensure the security of all devices

clearpass allows enterprises to make more informed decisions on how to enforce network access rights. It uses known and trusted environmental information to create policies that can ensure the overall security of network access. The spring tide of mobile office is coming, and the significance of security is self-evident. Aruba will continue to provide strong security protection and close protection for enterprise networks

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