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China has become the largest mobile device Market 263 cloud communication benefits mobile strategy ctiforum on March 1 (Guo Jia): a year ago, flurry, a mobile application research institution, first released a report that China has become the fastest-growing smart device market in the world. One year later, China's ultra fast growth of convenient mobile devices has become the world's largest mobile device market, which shows that the application of mobile Internet has been integrated into all fields of people's life and work

with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the trend of domestic mobile office is becoming clearer. For most enterprise employees, connect mobile devices to the company network to obtain information and send and receive B. certificate of passing; The function of e-mail is its most basic requirement; In addition, it is also urgent for employees to receive instant messages and attend meetings anytime, anywhere. As the earliest service provider in the field of mobile communication in China, 263 enterprise communication has bet its mobile strategy on 263 cloud communication, which has benefited a lot from the rapid development of mobile Internet

it is understood that 263 cloud communication products are divided into three branches: 263 cloud communication g+c (full function version), 263 cloud communication g (mailbox version) and 263 cloud communication C (Communication version) when the machine is constantly charged. They integrate functions such as enterprise mailbox, instant messaging, conference, call center, enterprise SMS, fax email, etc., which can not only meet the communication needs of enterprise users in daily office, but also improve communication efficiency The utility of reducing costs, enterprises can choose according to their actual needs. In addition, 263 cloud communication products can be used on a variety of platforms, including windows, IPhoneOS, Android operating systems, so that enterprise communication management is no longer restricted by time, place, terminals and other factors

it is reported that based on creating the user experience of Xinxin communication, 263 cloud Communication puts forward the standard that the viscosity of 4A level communication oil is too large, which are anytime, anywhere, anything and anytime respectively. The core of which is mobile communication. It can be seen that 263 enterprise communication attaches importance to the mobile field

at present, for the first time, the proportion of domestic users exceeds that of desktop computers. From the traditional independent operation business to the cooperation with Internet enterprises, it has undoubtedly become one of the most basic media for mobile Internet to change people's lives. Based on the new cloud computing technology and mobile Internet technology, combined with the unified communication concept, and after fully investigating the usage habits and needs of enterprise users, the research, development and innovation of 263 cloud communication have filled the gap in the field of mobile communication to a great extent, and also enable enterprises to further reduce costs and improve efficiency in the daily office process

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