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Mobile CRM subverts traditional software and breaks the traditional mode of enterprises. At present, most of the product architectures of CRM in the market are still in the last century. The design concept also places extreme emphasis on processes and ignores people. It is no secret that the implementation failure rate is as high as 60% or 70%. There is no dispute that traditional CRM will die. The question now is, what will CRM look like in the next era

mobile CRM subverts traditional software and breaks the traditional mode of enterprises.

as a CRM product that claims to subvert the traditional, easy to sell has always provided us with a lot of new thinking. In general, salesease integrates mobile, social, cloud and CRM, and reshapes enterprise software according to the experience of a consumer product. Its focus is mainly on people (especially front-line users), and to a certain extent, it takes into account factors such as process and objectives, trying to achieve a new balance

not long ago, sales easy officially released version 2.0, in which the interactive interface was redesigned, adding some customizable items at the data and report levels, and adding product modules on the mobile terminal (supporting multi-level product catalogs). Now we take version 2.0 as the standard, sort out some ideas of the product (shared by Shi Yanze, the founder of sales Yi and former SAP China Sales Director), hoping to provide reference for other entrepreneurs serving the enterprise market:

first, process centered or people-centered

traditional enterprise management software was born in the era of big industry, and its original design was to meet the control of enterprise managers, It emphasizes the bottom-up cooperation, highlights the process and suppresses human nature. Reflected in CRM, employees are blindly required to enter information at any time for statistical inspection by superiors, while there is little concern for front-line sales in terms of product experience and work support

a CRM in the era of mobile Internet needs to meet three points:

1. It conforms to the experience of a consumer Internet product, so that the post-80s and post-90s can easily start

2. Provide front-line users with work support, help them avoid work pain points, or improve work efficiency

3. With the recovery of the economy, people's value can be reflected, which requires reorganizing information, tasks, and materials with people as the center, and may also introduce some sociality

the way to sell easy is to take SNS as the infrastructure (enterprise and microblog), and then build upper modules such as sales, marketing, customer service, enterprise knowledge base on this architecture. The information generated by the upper module is reflected in SNS at any time, which is discovered and extended by people in SNS, and collaboration is realized in a social environment. The information generated by SNS can also be fed back to the upper level through a certain mechanism for management and statistics. In this way, front-line sales can obtain the support of back-end departments (such as knowledge base) in many ways, and information entry naturally occurs in the working process, so there is no need to report for the sake of reporting. For managers, the work information obtained in this way is more sufficient, and they also maintain a more parallel contact with employees

second, deliberately improve the innovation ability, structured information and unstructured information

the characteristics of traditional CRM format and process decide that it can only carry out structured information, which can be divided into mechanical and electronic types according to structure and principle; Mechanical precipitation for traditional products, but in fact, many unstructured information is also an important asset of enterprises. The sns+crm architecture enables easy sales to be compatible with both structured and unstructured information, and create a certain degree of liquidity between them. The simplest example is that users can follow a customer in SNS, call structured data about the customer, and propagate and discuss the customer as an entity in SNS (this process is unstructured)

third, personalized customization based on SNS, modularity and data filtering

salesforce is an undisputed leader in the CRM market. One of the success factors of its products is the high degree of customizability, which is easy to learn from sales. Because the function system of salesease is very large (in addition to CRM, it also involves OA, enterprise collaboration, knowledge management) and involves many subjects (employees, managers, customers, partners, etc.), how to simplify the front-end experience while ensuring rich functions has become a problem

the solution of easy sales is to provide customization at three levels: SNS, functional modules and data. At the SNS level, you can choose not to create a "strong magnetic field" for sales growth. You can define different organizational structures to isolate information that is not related to you. At the functional level, based on the modular design of easy to sell, users can assemble various modules on demand. For example, the functions and panels used by sales, marketing and customer service may be completely different. Data filtering is an enhanced function of sales easy version 2.0. Users can give a set of data filtering conditions, and the reports, query results and customer dynamics based on the filtered data set can be unique

based on the customization of these three levels, easy to sell allows enterprises to enjoy a high degree of customization freedom without targeted development for individual enterprises. Small enterprises do not have to face a series of complex functions and interfaces, and large enterprises can better meet business needs

IV. breaking enterprise boundaries

the organization of modern enterprises is becoming more and more flat, and the boundaries between departments and enterprises are becoming more and more blurred. A company seeking to be more efficient cannot be isolated from the market, customers and partners. Therefore, it has become a general trend to establish a set of communication and organization mechanisms that can be adjusted on demand, and various emerging enterprise collaboration platforms are also exploring in this direction

on the product of selling easy, users can flexibly assign different roles (different permissions) by the administrator to adapt to different jobs, and can also pull external people into internal social networking and collaboration, so as to establish a set of temporary communication networks

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