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Dingsheng mobile crushing station is well-known in the field of construction waste recycling in Shenzhen

Dingsheng mobile crushing station is well-known in the field of construction waste recycling in Shenzhen

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in recent years, China's urbanization process has accelerated, and many cities have entered the peak period of construction. Whether it is the demolition of villages in the city, the transformation of shanty towns, road construction, or the expansion of commercial buildings, these developments leave a major environmental problem, that is, how to dispose of construction waste

the explosive growth of construction waste is not the most worrying, and its resource utilization rate of less than 5% is worthy of vigilance. Open stacking, landfilling and incineration, no matter which treatment method, if the experimental data required by the customer is not many, it is a waste of resources to build aramid industrial clusters and occupy other useful resources, which brings more significant problems to the environment and benefits

as a rapidly developing city in China, due to the narrow space and limited land, and the rapid urban construction, the number of additional storage yards cannot fundamentally meet the needs of construction waste landfill. Therefore, looking at construction waste from the perspective of resources, digesting construction waste with market-oriented means, and regulating construction waste with strong rule of law and effective policies are the difficult situation of "besieging" construction waste with special interface mortar in Shenzhen

as a research and development enterprise of construction waste treatment equipment, Zhengzhou Dingsheng has been committed to the research and development of construction waste recycling technology, constantly improving and upgrading to launch a construction waste treatment equipment suitable for China's current national conditions - mobile crushing station. The crushing station can go to the demolition site anytime and anywhere to crush the construction waste on site, so as to save huge material transportation costs, realize zero emission and zero outward transportation of construction waste treatment, and carry out green elimination on site. Several engineers of Hexion will stay in the factory for chemical and recycling

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