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On September 4, 2012, Qingke's second China Mobile Internet industry investment and financing Summit Forum was successfully concluded at Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing. More than 400 well-known investors and entrepreneurial elites from the mobile Internet industry participated in the forum to discuss and explore the development path of China's mobile Internet industry

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in the past two years, the number of mobile Internet users in China has exploded. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, the number of mobile Internet users in China will exceed 520million. The large-scale and industrialized development of mobile Internet has made investors smell the great opportunities for industrial development and come in droves. According to the statistics of Zero2IPO database, in the first half of 2012, the investment enthusiasm of China's mobile Internet industry remained unabated, with 30 investment events. The total disclosed investment amount was about 378million US dollars, and the average single investment amount was about 22.25 million US dollars. According to the latest data in the first half of 2012, in addition to games and wireless value-added services, mobile e-commerce related industries have gradually been sought after by capital. Only in the first half of 2012, five mobile e-commerce related enterprises, including shopping assistants, fruit banks, honeydew fashion, streets, flash shopping, continued to invest. We expect that mobile e-commerce will become one of the mainstream segments of mobile Internet investment in the future

Mr. Ni Zhengdong, chairman of Zero2IPO group, made a keynote speech for the conference. He said that with the cost reduction of user participation, in which tensile fixtures account for about 80% of the total fixtures, the cost reduction of enterprise participation, the opening of application portals, and the opening of operating systems, the entire mobile Internet has also entered a period of rapid development, and the investment in mobile Internet has also reached a record high. At the same time, Mr. Ni also said that when the global economic situation fell into a downturn in 2012, investment in various industries slowed down significantly. Mobile Internet and medical health became the industries that increased the rigidity and strength of components in 2012 due to the reverse use of composite sheets, but now it is not the harvest time of mobile Internet

chenyizhou, CEO of Renren, also delivered a keynote speech at the forum. He believes that mobile Internet is the biggest trend of the IT revolution. He said that when the great revolution of IT revolution is coming to an end, mobile Internet will be a larger or even longer trend. In terms of marketing, Chen Yizhou said: Mobile Internet is an era of vertical integration, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that it will take years for Internet to develop, and mobile Internet may only take one year. Shen Jin, vice president of Qualcomm, also shared with you the hardware capabilities of mobile Internet and the entrepreneurial and investment directions of mobile Internet

what are the investment opportunities for mobile Internet? Where is the next gold mine of mobile Internet? This forum invited many investment elites and entrepreneurial elites in the mobile Internet industry to discuss together and feel the pulse for the development of the industry. Yang Haoyong, the founder of Ganji, Xu Lei, the founder of pudding mobile, army, the founder of Cailian China, Zhou hang, the founder of Yidao car, Lei Xiaoliang, the founder of Momo technology, Xu Yirong, the founder of Meili, Luo Chuan, the CEO of application exchange, and other mobile Internet enterprise elites, Shen Jin, the general manager of Qualcomm venture capital, Zhou Kui, the partner of Sequoia Capital, Xu Shengyuan, the managing director of Intel investment in China, Yang Ning, the founding partner of Lebo capital Zhang Zhen, partner of IDG capital, Li MuQing, vice president of CDH venture capital, Guo Jia, senior partner of Yintai capital, and many other professionals from well-known investment institutions attended the forum, and the unique reversing valve of PTI, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion equipment, was awarded a U.S. patent issuing speech

when the industry is in full swing, how to talk about a deep-rooted and long-lasting love with mobile Internet has become the primary problem for many investors and entrepreneurs. Zero2IPO held the second China Mobile Internet industry investment and financing Summit Forum, which aims to build a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to understand and cooperate, and with the help of all forces, make suggestions for the healthy development of China Mobile Internet industry in France

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