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According to foreign media reports, researchers at the University of Washington are currently developing a mobile device to effectively transmit compressed American sign language video over 3G mobile networks

according to a report released on the University of Washington station, the problem they need to solve now is to optimize the compressed video of sign language, so as to facilitate the use of 3G networks rather than the 4G networks that can move the ball holder up and down faster for data transmission. Engineers have improved the image quality of facial expressions and gestures used in American sign language, and also provided recognizable sign language through videos since the company was founded, with a speed of 30 megabits per second

the engineers in charge of this project are about to complete the initial test of a three week mobileasl tool, which is installed on the old model equipped with a video chat camera, although this software is mainly designed for smart and other mobile devices

11 students from the University of Washington summer school participated in the field test. Summer college is specially for people who are deaf or have hearing impairment, as well as those who are interested in computing. They dialed 200 calls with mobileasl software installed, with an average of 90 seconds per call, and the test results were very good

Tong song, a student and research volunteer at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., reported, "this mobileasl software is conducive to rapid communication." However, students who participated in the study generally said that the speed of text messages and e-mails is usually slow

engineers at the University of Washington estimate that mobileasl uses only one tenth of the broadband of the FaceTime video conferencing application of iPhone4

everiskin, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington, pointed out that this study is the first to assess how deaf people in the United States use video. Researchers said that even if the test data of each experimental machine is shown to everyone, mobileasl users can access 4G wireless. This software will help to prolong the battery life and ultimately reduce costs

the person in charge of this field study is Jessica tran, a doctoral student in electronic engineering. Jaehongchon, another doctoral student, adapted EASL generated by mobile relaxation to adapt to the H.264 video compression standard. Tressajohnson, who is also an American sign language translator, is also studying the impact of mobileasl on deaf groups

it is expected that another broader mobileasl field research program will be carried out this winter. Flying Elephant

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