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Jiangsu mobile mobile information system injects new momentum into the "Far East Group"

using information technology to transform traditional industries is one of the important technical means to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction; At the same time, informatization can improve the production and management efficiency of enterprises, and it is also an effective means to maintain growth. Wuxi Branch of China Mobile Jiangsu company actively gives full play to its advantages in the field of mobile communication, relies on strong technical capabilities in the reform, and uses various mobile information means to help enterprises open up internal and external information islands and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in enterprise development

the cable industry is a sunrise industry, but it is also a low profit industry, with an average profit margin of less than 3%. As a cable manufacturer, how to effectively improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise costs is the primary problem to be considered in the recession of the economic environment

Yixing Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in China. In recent years, Wuxi Branch of Jiangsu Mobile has carried out in-depth cooperation with far east group to transform the traditional professional electronic systems such as internal office, marketing support and customer service. The advantageous terminal development technology of China Mobile integrates multiple management information systems within the Far East Group, transplants the application and operation functions from the computer to the employees, breaks the time and geographical restrictions, effectively reduces the production and management costs of the enterprise, improves the operation efficiency, and becomes the "Ark" to help the development of the enterprise. Its mobile informatization transformation cases of many application systems have become a benchmark in many application-oriented MAS projects

with the continuous expansion of the market scale of Far East Group, the problems of enterprises incompatible with market competition and customer service have emerged one after another. On the one hand, the business types are increasing, the business scope is expanding, and the personnel are expanding. The circulation process of official documents and information is long and many links, and the overall work efficiency is reduced, which restricts the further development of the enterprise; On the other hand, the opening of marketing channels has made the launch personnel of the product standards of the impact point lie sales enterprises with isosceles 3-angle travel in the winding spread all over the country. The sales process often needs the data support and price notification of the headquarters. The original fixed terminal interconnection mode began to restrict the growth of sales. Far East Group has more than 1000 registered marketing account managers, distributed all over the country. In actual work, the account manager must report the work log and sales progress every day. The previous SMS reporting mode is limited by the number of words, and the description of the situation is simple, which often does not play the role of daily clearing of the log or even turning into other failure situations. In the sales process, the account manager needs to know the products, inventory and prices in the system in time, and keep in touch with the headquarters. Not only the communication efficiency is low, but also the long-distance communication cost has always been high. Chitosan can be mixed with other natural bio based high molecular materials to form chitosan plastic. After the completion of the sales work, due to the lag of the original information system, it will often cause problems such as failure to collect the payment on schedule

therefore, using mobile information technology to transform the existing enterprise information system and further tap the potential of the company's existing information system through the integration of system resources has become the main direction of far east group system improvement

through the overall transformation of mobile informatization of the internal information system of Far East Group, Wuxi Mobile has extended the application of various functions of the original internal system to managers and marketers, making most customer managers get rid of the shackles of fixed PC terminals, realize the real mobile business office, and meet the service commitment of far east to customers within 48 hours. Through the software, the marketing personnel can query the real-time situation of the cable inventory of various models and specifications of Far East cable, and can grasp the rapidly changing cable and copper prices at any time, which can not only lead in the business negotiation and project bidding, but also shorten the time interval between signing, shipping and payment collection, facilitate the communication between the sales personnel and customers, and reduce unnecessary costs; Through the development of the application-based MAS system, the enterprise CRM system can actively trigger a reminder message, so that the customer manager can know the availability of accounts anytime and anywhere, recover accounts receivable in time, and reduce bad debts. After the application-oriented MAS system was put into use, the customer manager's inquiry of wire and cable raw materials was shortened from 10 minutes to 8 seconds now, and the efficiency was greatly improved. People's post and telegraph

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