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"Mobile digital anti-counterfeiting system" passed the expert review

the China anti counterfeiting technology association hosted a review meeting on the "mobile digital anti-counterfeiting system" project developed by Shenzhen post and Telecommunications Jinhong Unicom Technology Co., Ltd. in the auditorium of the Ministry of public security. The participating industrial parks are a powerful engine of economic development, an important carrier of opening up, an experimental platform for deepening reform and an expansion space for urban construction. Experts listened to the development report, technical report, novelty search report and user opinion report, and watched the demonstration of the project. After discussion, they believed that the system comprehensively applied modern computer technology, mobile communication technology, and improved clinical symptoms Information coding technology and high-tech printing technology combine the achievements of the information industry with the practice of anti-counterfeiting, and establish a short message query and identification network across the country, breaking through the limitations that traditional anti-counterfeiting products are easy to be counterfeited in batches and consumers are not easy to identify. Not only can the anti-counterfeiting markers not be copied in batches, but also the identification is simple. With the help of and, consumers can accurately identify the authenticity of products

the system consists of "digital anti-counterfeiting markers" and "mobile communication network system". "Digital anti-counterfeiting logo" combines high-tech anti-counterfeiting printing technology and digital encryption technology, with strong confidentiality and uniqueness; The use of markers is one-time. "Mobile communication system" provides consumers with a simple way to identify the true and false

the safety and confidentiality of data are fully considered in the design and use of the system. The system not only changes the experimental machine to be an instrument specially used to test the spring, and can provide anti-counterfeiting inquiry service, but also has statistical function. The system relies on the GSM SMS inquiry network, which is convenient for management and monitoring. It can provide information support for the nationwide anti-counterfeiting work, and combines anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, which has strong practicality and popularity. For the convenience of consumers, the system also provides a variety of services such as online query and query

the evaluation committee agreed that the system is an advanced comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology with strong anti-counterfeiting performance, wide application, good practicability, difficult to imitate, simple identification. The popularization and application of this technology has practical significance for curbing fake and shoddy products and promoting the development of anti-counterfeiting technology to the direction of information technology. It is suggested to further promote the application in relevant fields

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