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Game Summit Forum explores how mobile games operate overseas

on March 15, 2012, Shanghai zongyouluo Technology Co., Ltd. (commonly known as Dena China), a Chinese subsidiary of Dena, a leading social game platform operator in Japan, and the Great Wall Games held the 2012 Game Summit Forum in Beijing. Wang Yong, CEO of Dena China, and guest leaders from Alibaba cloud, China Unicom Wal Mart store, Kaixin and other guests discussed how social games can go out of China and operate overseas

Dena is a leading mobile Internet company in the world. It operates mobage, Japan's largest community game platform, social networking services and e-commerce stations. Mobage currently has more than 35million users in Japan, and provides more than 1800 games on intelligent, functional and personal computer platforms. Dena China has officially operated the mengbaogu game platform () in China since the end of July 2011. It has launched more than 30 games based on Android or IOS platforms. In 2012, it will continue to introduce more high-quality games, and the total number of games is expected to exceed 100

Dena is more optimistic about China's development team

most of these games are high-quality social games from third-party partners around the world. In China, Dena attaches great importance to powerful third-party game developers. In addition to traditional large game companies, many emerging small teams can attract Dena's interest

at present, small teams have very good project ideas, and Dena can better help these teams develop products that are more in line with the global market with years of experience in the operation of social games. After the completion of the products, they can also be released on the mobage monbo Valley platform. With a large number of users around the world, both sides can get more benefits

helping Chinese developers go overseas is one of Dena's goals after entering the Chinese market. High quality games should be accepted by more markets and recognized by more people. More and more Chinese developers have realized the exploration and development in Japan and the global market through Dena, and obtained good benefits

figure: Alibaba cloud Ouyang Kefei

in December last year, Dena and Alibaba cloud jointly announced that they would carry out in-depth cooperation in cloud computing and mobile Internet to provide developers with all-round support from underlying resources, development to operation. In addition to using Alibaba cloud "game cloud computing" to support its game services, Dena will also carry out in-depth cooperation with Alibaba cloud OS. In the future, users can enjoy high-quality game services on the Alibaba cloud OS platform

a solution launched through the mode of cloud computing platform plus development tools for game developers and operators. Game developers and operators can order appropriate cloud servers, databases, load balancing and other services according to the number of players and other operational goals, and flexibly adjust the allocation of resources according to their own needs; The opening, upgrading and expansion of cloud services are all realized through self-service operations, which can control and save manpower and operation costs to the greatest extent. In addition, game cloud computing is superior to traditional solutions in terms of network speed, data storage security, and stable operating environment

marketing mode - community marketing of games

community marketing, coupled with high-precision software and hardware technology and integrated ability marketing, has become an important means of games, especially social games, which require more interaction between friends and circles while playing games. Monbo Valley is such a similar game platform. And this SNS network relationship is also valued by telecom operators. As one of the three major telecom operators in China, China Unicom has taken the lead in reaching strategic cooperation with Dena. Dena China will provide customized social games for Unicom Wo store, and both sides will jointly create a "dream Valley" game zone based on intelligent platform

with its high-quality WCDMA network, China Unicom can provide more stable network support to users, and users of Mengbao Valley can also strengthen the affirmation of Unicom services through high-quality 3G network experience. At the same time, as the official application market of China Unicom for users, woshang is undoubtedly the strongest in user quality and consumption ability. Such cooperation is believed to bring more loyal users and income to both sides

open platform - SNS platform integration of urban white-collar workers

in Japan, a considerable part of the users of mobage platform are office workers around the age of 30, and users play social games in the fragmented time of waiting, resting, riding, etc. Kaixinzuo avoids the problem of asynchronous load and deformation caused by time-sharing sampling of each sensor channel in the past. It is the most influential sns social networking station in China, and its user structure and type are consistent with those of mobaogu products

at the beginning of this year, Dena and Kaixin announced that they had reached a cooperation. Happy users will be able to log in to mobage monbo valley of Android system directly with their Kaixin ID. mobage monbo Valley has also brought many high-quality games to happy users. Users can jump directly to the button of happy washing machine and the button of sharing game information in mobage monbo valley with friends. The integration of games and social networking is also a development trend. Both sides will also use their respective advantages to jointly cultivate users and maximize their interests

in addition to Alibaba cloud, Kaixin and Unicom Wal Mart stores, Dena has also recently reached cooperation with Baidu, Huawei, Sina Weibo, 360 and long, respectively. 2012 is the year of the development of social games in China. In addition to strengthening support for Chinese developers, Dena will also focus on expanding the Chinese game market. If games make money in China and in the world, this is a topic of common concern and need to be discussed by DENA and many developers

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