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In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the application field of mobile laboratory has been expanded rapidly, covering almost all fields of detection, survey, measurement and field experiment, especially today, when food safety and environmental safety have attracted much attention, mobile laboratory has become a necessary supplement and important extension to the local manufacturing market laboratory. However, at present, there is no relevant standard of mobile laboratory in China, which leads to no basis for the whole industry. The functions and quality of similar products from different manufacturers are far from each other, which not only damages the interests of consumers, but also seriously affects the development of the industry

it was learned from the "pesticide residue detection and prevention technology seminar" held on the morning of May 16 that according to the statistics of the special vehicle industry, China currently has more than a dozen kinds of civil special vehicles equipped with mobile laboratory functions in the fields of customs, meteorology, transportation, agriculture, food safety, environmental monitoring, emergency response and other fields, with the retention of more than 2800

however, according to the participants, many mobile detection vehicles currently distributed to grass-roots departments across the country are idle or modified for other purposes. The reason is that at present, these mobile laboratories have no relevant standards to refer to, lack effective management and lack of professionally trained testing personnel, and many instruments and reagents on mobile testing vehicles are not very useful

therefore, carrying out the standardization of mobile laboratories is of great significance for standardizing the equipment, functions, services and other behaviors of mobile laboratories, obtaining legal testing qualifications, giving full play to the flexible advantages of mobile laboratories, and better providing technical support for food safety and environmental protection

according to panligang, a researcher from Beijing Academy of forestry, which includes vanadium bearing scum produced by smelting, the National Standardization Technical Committee approved the establishment of the "national mobile laboratory standardization technical committee" in 2010, and authorized the formulation of the "general technical requirements for mobile laboratory" and "general technical requirements for mobile laboratory instruments and equipment" "Classification, naming and code of mobile laboratory" and other first 10 national standards. These standards will be formally implemented from July 31, 2013

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