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In recent years, the construction waste treatment equipment project has attracted more and more investors' attention. The feature of the project is to realize the resource recycling and reuse of construction waste through mobile crushing station equipment. More and more construction waste has been a headache for local environmental protection departments. Simple landfill treatment is not a long-term solution. While occupying the land, the calcium carbonate released by the construction waste buried in the land will cause groundwater hardening and other problems. The emergence of mobile crushing stations can effectively solve the growing problem of construction waste, alleviate the siege of construction waste, and realize the resource utilization of construction waste while improving the ecological environment

crushed stone, waste mortar, brick and tile fragments, concrete blocks, etc. in construction waste are materials that can be recycled again, which effectively solves the problem of the lack of standards for some materials and products. These materials have been transformed into recycled aggregates of different sizes after being crushed and screened in the dynamic crushing station by moving the name of thermal insulation materials, which can be used in the construction of roads and railways, It can also be made into recycled bricks with auxiliary equipment, and can also be used to prepare concrete. Construction waste can be described as "full of treasure"

at present, the installation of testing machines in Jinan testing machine factory, China's construction waste treatment technology has become light and mature, and the comprehensive utilization of construction waste has become a topic of general concern. Mobile crushing stations meet the needs of China's social development, and can effectively solve the dilemma of building waste siege. Investing in construction waste disposal sites will enjoy national and provincial fiscal and tax preferential policies on comprehensive utilization of resources and renewable energy-saving building materials, The support and affirmation of the government is undoubtedly a powerful agent for the majority of investors

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