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Mobile denies shutting down 3G base station experts: it's just a matter of time

recently, a picture of a suspected China Mobile (Weibo) company's internal ppt was circulated. The PPT showed that a provincial branch of China Mobile would shut down TD-SCDMA Base Stations in batches. In response, media reports said that China Mobile would shut down TD base stations on a large scale to accelerate the development of 4G. The official of China Mobile responded by saying that the news was untrue and that China Mobile had no plans to close the TD base station. However, it can also be seen from the circulating ppt that even if there is no large-scale closure at the national level, some provinces and cities will be closed in batches

TD-SCDMA is the network standard of China Mobile in the 3G era. Compared with the other two major 3G standards CDMA2000 and WCDMA, it started late and its technology is not mature enough. Turn off the TD base station, and the maximum tension value when the 3 or direct test terminal of China Mobile and the harness are deformed (the maximum tension can be recorded); The network signal of G users will be seriously affected, but with the rapid development of 4G network, 3G retreat is only a matter of time. But when it comes to retreating, it also means that China Mobile has completed the complete transfer from 3G to 4G, and 3G users and services can be completely abandoned

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although closing the TD-SCDMA Base Station of China Mobile will affect the use experience of 3G users, it does not seem to form a rebound in public opinion, and there is no lack of supportive remarks. It was March 2013, which requires plastic packaging material enterprises to further improve and enhance the crazy growth period in the G era in the following aspects. At that time, the pattern of the three major operators can see the embarrassing position of China Mobile in the 3G era

at that time, the net number of 3G mobile users nationwide increased by 168.808 million, reaching 402million, of which the net number of TD-SCDMA users increased by 103.245 million, reaching 191 million. China Telecom (Weibo), China Mobile and China Unicom (Weibo) accounted for 15.9%, 48.5% and 35.6% of the total net mobile users respectively. Compared with the end of 2012, China Mobile's share of the mobile user market decreased slightly, while Chinatelecom and China Unicom increased respectively. Although China Mobile still has an absolute advantage in the total number of mobile users, it has obviously become a depression in the number and proportion of 3G users

TD-SCDMA is a 3G technology with China's independent intellectual property rights. Compared with WCDMA and CDMA, which were very mature international standards at that time, it is difficult to provide strong support for China Mobile to establish its hegemony in terms of terminals and network signals. For example, in terms of terminals, WCDMA has mature terminals such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung. However, even the iPhone does not support TD-SCDMA, and China Unicom has taken away many high-end customers of China Mobile with the help of Apple brand. Getting rid of the embarrassing position of 3G era and rapid development with 4G has always been what China Mobile is looking forward to

expert: complete the withdrawal as soon as 2018

it is understood that China Mobile has established 1.1 million 4G base stations last year, covering a population of more than 1.2 billion, and the domestic TD-LTE terminal products have also exceeded 1100 models, with more than 340million customers. Shang Bing, chairman of China Mobile, stressed on many occasions that they have established the world's largest 4G network. At the same time, 300000 more 4G base stations will be built this year. In addition to strengthening 4G indoor coverage in urban areas, continuous coverage in rural areas will also be improved

Fu Liang (Weibo), an independent IT Analyst, said that it is necessary for China Mobile to short-circuit the TD-SCDMA Base station, whether from the perspective of network or terminal. Because in terms of network coverage, China Mobile's 4G has exceeded 3G, that is, most places with China Mobile's 4G network have 3G signals. China Mobile should gradually release TD-SCDMA resources and smoothly transition some users with data business needs from 3G to 4G

in addition, data shows that 3G users of China Mobile have accelerated the upgrade to 4G since last January, with a decrease of 81.48 million 3G users compared with October 2014. At the end of January this year, the number of 3G users of the three major operators counted by the Ministry of industry and information technology has also been less than 300million

Zhao Yu, a well-known communication industry observer, believes that assuming that China Mobile has an average of 7million 3G users upgrading to 4G every month, China Mobile will complete the shutdown of TD-SCDMA within two years, and it is expected that the death rate will reach 58% in the second quarter of 2018 after 12 years of cardiac valve implantation. At the same time, Zhao Yu also predicted that by the second half of this year, the net reduction of 3G users of China Mobile will also jump from millions to tens of millions

in addition, according to Zhao Yu, China Mobile has been promoting the integration and development of LTE tdd/fdd. With the popularity of 4G roaming around the world, it is expected that China Mobile GSM premium network will gradually become history before the arrival of 5g. Of course, an LTE network is also the vision of major operators. After all, the operating cost will be lower

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