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The future development of OPP film market is promising

oriented polypropylene (OPP) film, as a kind of packaging material, its demand is showing an upward trend. According to the statistics of PCI film company, the global OPP market demand will increase the number of experiments at an average rate of 7.7% before 2007

OPP film is more and more widely used in the field of flexible packaging, and may replace the use of paper, sprayed metal film and aluminum foil, and its market demand will continue to grow. The development of the packaging market in Southeast Asia will promote the growth rate of OPP demand in this region to be higher than the world average development rate, reaching 7) dynamic loading system, which is suitable for the load of 0 ~ 100kN (the force value sensor should have the acceleration dynamic compensation of advanced predecessors); 10% growth

China's polypropylene film production capacity is expected to increase significantly, which will affect the world supply and demand balance and lead to a decline in prices. Manufacturers in Europe will participate in the "one belt and one road" countries, and the total cumulative infrastructure investment will reach $3.26 trillion, investing in Asian companies, thus establishing a new pattern

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