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Oppo Reno screen parameters were announced, and you Nu praised: This is the most perfect comprehensive screen

previously, some parameters of oppo Reno Standard Edition and related rendering drawings had been revealed on the. It can be seen that oppo Reno's front screen accounts for a very high proportion, but there is no accurate answer about its screen specific parameters. On the afternoon of the 3rd, oppo officially announced the screen parameters of Reno Standard Edition

according to the official first off information, oppo Reno uses a true full screen on the front, accounting for 93.1%, the chin width is only 3.49mm, and the left and right borders are even narrower to 1.59mm. It is very close to 93.8% of oppo find X. After the announcement of this parameter, many friends liked it again. Some friends said that this is the most perfect comprehensive screen

at present, this model has also entered the Ministry of industry and information technology. It will be equipped with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080, equipped with snapdragon 710 processor, battery capacity of 3680 Ma, rear 48million + 5million dual camera, front 16million pixel camera, using vooc 3.0 flash charge, equipped with NFC, supporting screen fingerprint, running Android 9 system

the aircraft will be officially released on April 10. In addition to the Standard Version, there is a 10x zoom version equipped with the snapdragon 855. However, only the standard version is available in the first batch, and the snapdragon 855 version is expected to wait until May. Referring to the pricing of vivo x27, oppo Reno Standard Edition is likely to exceed 3000 yuan. At present, the machine has been scheduled to start. You adopt ultra-high pressure water atomization, water gas combination atomization, vacuum/non vacuum limited atomization technology; Medium frequency induction smelting equipment, high-pressure gas/water driven electromechanical system through chain drive to make two lead screws rotate synchronously, advanced atomizer and automatic control system, and ultra-fine metal/alloy powder with powder automatic classification system technology belong to the product range of key support. Will you choose it or wait for the flagship version

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