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Opper is committed to building the first brand of China's overall hardware home

Company Profile

the essence of the design idea comes from opper in Italy. Since its inception, it has focused on copper home hardware. The product follows the classical style of the Italian Renaissance, selects copper materials with great artistic heritage, and combines exquisite craftsmanship to forge opper's high quality. After 15 years of rapid development, opper products have now occupied the domestic and European and American hardware high-end market

opper sends blessings

opper's development is achieved by winning the trust of global partners with the design and manufacturing concept of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. Opper will continue to adhere to the throughout high-quality consciousness and exquisite workmanship, and provide users around the world with better and more noble overall home life solutions, so that your home is more artistic

the origin and cooperation story between opper and red star Macalline

opper has been committed to building the first brand of China's overall hardware home, leading the trend of home hardware decoration in villas and high-end residences. A few years ago, opper set off a huge wave as soon as he settled in Beijing. According to the analysis of insiders, opper's preference for red star is precisely the advantage of making the upper platen contact the surface of the sample possessed by red star Macalline; Red star is optimistic about opper because of its influence as a leading brand in China's hardware and home furnishing industry. This strong alliance shows opper's ambition to create a strong overall hardware home furnishing brand in China

opper also has two guide rails for joint marketing activities. The launched activity content is to give back to customers. From July 16 to 24, opper bought six classic series for 1800 yuan or 4800 yuan, and gave a limited edition gold-plated key worth 200 yuan or a gold-plated lion worth 2000 yuan to the Henan provincial government, which shouldered the heavy burden of production capacity, Give another 1200 yuan luxury hardware gift bag (including a soap dish, a towel ring, a bolt, and a pair of hinges)

from the 23rd to the 24th, on the day the president signed, 14 popular copper locks were sold at a 50% discount, unprecedented. Just these two days, don't miss the opportunity

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