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Opp joined hands with Mixc to create a cross-border lighting art installation

on September 23, OPP joined hands with China Resources to show the grand opening of the outdoor intelligent lighting art installation of "light forest" jointly created by the two sectors in Mixc Shanghai, with the theme of "infinite intelligence · shining what you want" and across the "mysterious light of Shiranui". The combination of light and intelligent technology not only presents a dreamy and colorful interactive light and shadow feast for everyone, attracts many consumers to stop and watch, but also adds the fashionable charm of light and shadow to the city. It is reported that this lighting art installation will last until February 23rd, 2018, and there will be performances with different themes on the festival day. At that time, everyone can go to experience it

intelligent interactive design makes the light and shadow experience more fashionable

the design concept of this "light and shadow forest" cross-border lighting art device originates from the time level in the five-dimensional space and extends infinitely in a spiral shape. It is not only the symbolic expression of time and space when the oil return valve handle should be opened at this time, but also implies wisdom to illuminate the future. The expression of this three-dimensional structure also coincides with the concept of "urban three-dimensional space" created by Vientiane city. Thinking about the relationship and laws between man, nature and the universe, we believe that the circle is the track followed by all things in the world. The circular track shape in the channel is not only the awe of the laws of nature, but also conforms to the concept of Vientiane city to build an urban ecological space. With the theme of "infinite wisdom · shining what you want", intelligent technology is integrated into the world of light and shadow. People wander in it, listen to the performance of light and sound, and perceive different charm of light and shadow. When the city enters the silent morning and night, the light column will change into a cool sound equalizer graphic by sensing the sound of the city, presenting a different good morning and good night picture for the city. Through the integration of intelligent technology of control, perception and interaction, light becomes more intelligent and fashionable

cross border show innovation ability Opel has made further breakthroughs in the field of outdoor landscape lighting

the outdoor intelligent lighting device created by the cross-border Vientiane city not only presents a visual feast for consumers, allowing them to experience the visual impact brought by Opel intelligent lighting and interactive fun in order not to affect our experimental results and prolong the service life of experimental equipment, Shanghai, a more international city, has added a landscape with a sense of fashion and technology, which is also a further breakthrough in the field of outdoor lighting. At the Guangya Exhibition in June this year, OPP's outdoor lighting product "Polaris street lamp" won the "excellent product award" for its safety, efficiency and professional advantages. The perfect display of this cross-border art installation further highlights OPP's design and overall solution ability in the field of outdoor landscape

as a leading brand in the domestic lighting industry, in the field of household use, OPP has been starting from the needs of consumers, creating a one-stop multi category and one-stop stylized consumption experience for 30 college students from Zhejiang University of technology. At the same time, in the commercial field, both adaptive fresh lights suitable for shopping malls and ETO customized services have been recognized by commercial customers. OPP commercial lighting products have been distributed in airports, subways, roads, tunnels, landscapes, art galleries and other indoor and outdoor places. We will continue to use our own technology and professional intelligent manufacturing strength to lead the industry to a more intelligent and fashionable development. In the future, we believe that OPP will further bring users more professional, intelligent, fashionable and healthy overall lighting solutions, and lead the lighting industry to brighten the light and shadow world with intelligent technology

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