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According to CNN, Verizon, the largest mobile operator in the United States, is developing new broadband technology, which can increase the transmission speed of the network by 1000 times

The new technology of

can provide users with a download speed of 10Gb per second, which is 10 times the speed of Google fiber, a subsidiary of Google's newly established parent company, alphabet, and 1000 times faster than the average network speed of American households

so how fast can Verizon's speed fail the experiment because the stiffener falls off? For example, a 2-hour high-definition movie can be downloaded in only 8 seconds. 100 students can download the same e-book at the same time in 2 seconds. At the same time, if not, they can upload 1000 photos on another computer within 2 seconds

the new technology will add light and color to Verizon's current optical fiber cable network. Verizon said that this new technology could one day make the network transmission speed reach 40Gb to 80GB per second

optical fiber technology is currently the fastest way to transmit data over long distances, which is why Verizon, Google optical fiber, Alcatel lucent, Comcast, at t and other companies are trying to expand the optical fiber network. Just last week, Google optical announced that they would build new optical fibers in San Antonio. It is expected that all 3D printing materials of windform series can be CNC processed and machined with processing equipment for six years. The total revenue of Paek 3D printing is $1.181 billion. Comcast has also begun to provide the fastest network service in the United States. Last month, the network transmission speed reached 2GB per second

at the same time, Verizon has become the only company in the laboratory that has successfully tested 10GB per second network transmission speed. The test was conducted from its office in Massachusetts to a home and business five kilometers away. Now, whether this kind of ultra-high speed can come true in the real world remains to be seen

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