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On August 3, 160 fiber cement products, OPP lighting and China Architectural Decoration Association jointly held the second season of the "OPP star search Award" future space design concept competition in North China, which officially ended in Beijing. So far, all the semi-finals performances of the second season "OPP star searching Award" have also been successfully concluded. At the last stop, five "male gods" teachers came to the scene in person to offer "spicy comments" to the designers who did their best. 1. How to solve the problem of sensor displacement with the electronic universal experimental machine. Finally, Liu Haoyu of the professional group and Du Xu, Yang Xi and Hao Zihui of the student group won the final place of this season's "OPP star search Award" to advance to the national finals

celebrities gather and empower "new stars"

the second quarter "OPP star searching Award" jointly founded by OPP lighting and China Architectural Decoration Association has become a domestic authoritative interior design competition platform for the new generation of designers since its establishment last year. This year, with the theme of "design for the future", the competition invited outstanding young designers from all over the country to show their style and their views on future trends and home furnishing trends through creative works. The "tutor group" composed of five design masters, Xie Tian, Li Junrui, Chang Zhigang, Li Chenwei and Li Daode, and the observation group composed of senior design elites, such as Li Xiangmin, Zhao fan, Lang Feng, Gao Feng, Yao Hongfei, Chen Fenghong, Xu Kehui and Wang Yudong, also accumulated (1) the removal of various bundles is very helpful for the players to carry out creative thinking collision, and it is also a tomorrow star with potential to lead interior design to the forefront of the world

the on-site tutor provides professional comments and promotion suggestions for the entries

members of the observation team and players help the contestants

the unique competition system of "OPP star searching Award" also makes it unique from traditional interior design competitions. Through an open proposition, the "OPP star hunt Award" does not restrict the category of works or the professional field of contestants, but only focuses on the views of designers and works themselves on future trends. The new generation of designers are often unable to fully show their artistic and creative abilities due to the lack of landing resources and practical factors. Through the rules of designing concepts without landing, the "OPP star searching Award" hopes to provide players with an unlimited platform, so as to stimulate designers to think purely about the infinite, explore future possibilities, and release creativity beyond what they see through their works

explore space and light, and "afterwave" inspires infinite possibilities

after fierce competition in the North China competition area, the professional group and the student group finally produced a group of winners respectively, and successfully advanced to the national finals. It is worth mentioning that Wang Yingqi from Tianjin University of technology won the "lighting design award". His work "foresee the future in meditation" uses light to guide people to relieve pressure, which has attracted praise from on-site tutors

OPP lighting Wang Yudong, Dean of the lighting design and Research Institute of OPP University, presented the "lighting design award" to Wang Yingqi on site.

in the student group, Du Xu, Yang Xi and Hao Zihui from Beijing Jingbei vocational and technical college won the first prize with the "Liji garbage plan - conceptual plan design of clothing customization store" and entered the national finals. The title of their work, "Liji" cleverly removes garbage to "Earth", and uses garbage recycling as the theme of the scheme to design a clothing display space. Waste recycling materials are used in the whole space, and space design is carried out through the abstraction of garbage forms such as paper balls, bottle bodies, old clothes, etc. The on-site tutor was also amazed at the maturity of the work and praised the players for their imaginative expectations of such future trends

talking about his works and his views on future trends, Du Xu believes that everyone has a different understanding of future space. For her, she chose the concept and theme of garbage recycling because she will add a production capacity of 9million square meters of composite reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane. She believes that the future still needs to be in line with the current situation, and the problem of using innovation to deal with is the premise for further development in the future. For the understanding of light, Du Xu, now a sophomore, believes that he can further study various doorways in light and space. For now, she believes that light can not only play the role of lighting in home and commercial space, but also create different atmospheres, and even divide different spaces. When talking about the "OPP star searching Award", Du Xu said that it was his first time to participate in an open competition, and he was both nervous and excited about his achievements this time. It is also a valuable experience for Du Xu to exchange and study with other contestants and realize the strengths and unique ideas of each contestant

Du Xu, Yang Xi and Hao Zihui's work "Liji garbage plan - conceptual scheme design of clothing customization store" has won unanimous praise from the on-site tutors.

the second season "OPP star searching Award" jointly founded by OPP lighting and China Architectural Decoration Association has been successfully concluded, and the national finals of this "star searching Award" will be ushered in. At that time, how will excellent designers shine on the stage? Let's look forward to their next wonderful performance

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