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Opp lighting and Alibaba released a white paper on smart home lighting

on July 12, the 2019 open meeting of the 40 person Intelligent Lighting Forum, hosted by the 40 person Intelligent Lighting Forum and Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, was held at the Golden Lily Hotel in Shenzhen with the theme of "full cross-border and fine focus of new ecology"

the conference issued the "sig mesh smart home lighting white paper" mainly written by Alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory and OPP lighting and provided by more than 60 enterprises, aiming to better promote the further development of smart lighting and the interconnection between enterprises. As the main writer of the white paper, OPP lighting was also invited to participate in the forum activities of the day

40 person Intelligent Lighting Forum 2019 open meeting site

"40 person Intelligent Lighting Forum" is composed of lighting enterprises, IOT enterprises, supply chain enterprises, real estate, operators and new retail enterprises that focus on the cross-border development of intelligent lighting. Representatives of Xiaomi, Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, iFLYTEK, Chinatelecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and other enterprises attended the forum and witnessed the birth of the "sig mesh smart home lighting white paper"

40 guests of the 2019 open meeting of the Intelligent Lighting Forum

under the background of the new ecological integration of intelligent lighting, the market is moving towards a new trend of cross-border diversification, channel scene and product systematization. Home, business lighting and outdoor are more focused on coordinated development. The contents of this forum and the white paper took this opportunity to burst out many meaningful views and interpretations

"sig mesh smart home lighting white paper" was released

to promote connectivity and a new era of intelligent lighting development

on the scene, the "sig mesh smart home lighting white paper" was jointly released by Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Association, Li Zhijun, President of Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer of Opel lighting, Ru Yi, general manager of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory terminal, and others

Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer of OPP lighting, and Ru Yi, general manager of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory terminal, unveiled the group photo.

the white paper introduced the rapid growth of the market scale of intelligent lighting. In the current context, enterprises and consumers' demand for intelligent lighting. Through the landing of IOT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, it explained in detail the Bluetooth mesh intelligent lighting solutions and other related content, And comprehensively discussed the possibility of intelligent lighting development in the future

as the main writer of lighting enterprises, OPP hopes to lead the industry forward through the white paper. Realize the unified lighting near end control standard and IOT platform access standard in the lighting industry; And unified docking standards with major IOT platforms, strive to achieve a product, a set of software can be connected to multiple platforms including sig mesh protocol, so as to reduce the difficulty of intelligent control application and the cost of manufacturers in research and development, sales, logistics and other links

Ru Yi, general manager of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory terminal, said that through the release of the white paper, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory hopes to further realize the implementation of Bluetooth mesh intelligent lighting solutions. Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory enables lighting products through technology, so that intelligent lighting can serve more consumers, build an ecological closed loop with various enterprise platforms, and help the brand achieve intelligent upgrading

then, Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer of OPP lighting, shared systematic thoughts on the future of the lighting industry with relevant people from all walks of life present with the theme of "intelligent cross-border power to upgrade the interconnection system of the lighting industry"

Qi Xiaoming, chief technology officer of OPP lighting, delivered a speech on the spot

Qi Xiaoming shared that through intelligent cross-border cooperation, taking the technological innovation strategy as a breakthrough, the core of "people-oriented" was applied to the extreme, emphasizing that the legal person organizations of manufacturers and units such as testing in Jinan period participated in the formation of the physiological/emotional relationship between light and people. As a provider of lighting solutions, enterprises need to think about how to achieve technological innovation through cross-border cooperation in an innovative ecosystem

at the same time, Qi Xiaoming also mentioned that OPP insists on taking lighting application as the core, actively layout various core fields in the intelligent era, participate in the ecology of major platforms, and create an OPP smart lighting ecosystem. With the technical background of spectrum, the number of extruder imports this year increased year-on-year except March, and the spirit of ingenuity in product manufacturing, OPP will realize cross-border, cooperation and integration of multiple platforms

layout the core areas and participate in the platform ecosystem

OPP focuses on building a smart lighting ecosystem

OPP has achieved the upgrading and evolution from the initial single lamp control, the scene smart lighting scheme, and then to the whole house smart home solution, realizing the linkage between lighting and other intelligent hardware in different scenes, and providing apps, wall switches, voice and other control methods to control the intelligent lighting system Intelligent audio-visual entertainment, intelligent health environment and intelligent safety management ensure the safety and freedom of family life

OPP whole house smart home solution

at the same time, when cross-border has become a development trend, OPP has already actively explored cooperation with multiple platform enterprises in the field of intelligence with a forward-looking perspective, and has achieved docking with Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. on the smart home technology platform, so that users can truly realize the consumption experience of whole house smart home, which is fatal. Further cooperate with Huawei to further integrate smart products into Huawei's official online and offline mall channels and jointly build a smart home ecosystem on the basis of achieving technical interconnection. Moreover, OPP will work with Huawei to explore more cooperation opportunities in smart cities and other fields

in the future, OPP will continue to embrace ecological integration with an open and inclusive attitude, enhance the layout of various fields through updated technology, and seek cross-border cooperation with more brands with a "beyond what you see" attitude, so that intelligent lighting can better and more conveniently serve every consumer

it is reported that August 19 is about to usher in the third anniversary of the listing of OPP, and the enterprise has developed for 23 years. It is believed that OPP will continue to wear glory and surpass what it sees, and strive to move forward to introduce this new product to experts in the industry pre meeting

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