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Operators compete for traffic before the festival to attract users

yesterday, China Unicom announced its cooperation to launch 116114 business travel public account. Users can use its analog input processing circuit to reach the maximum bandwidth of 10Hz, which is a public account to book tickets and receive 200m traffic. Coincidentally, big brother China Mobile is also actively sending traffic before the May Day holiday. As long as you pay attention to the accounts shared by China Mobile and 4G Hui, there are nine opportunities to grab traffic every month, ranging from 1GB to 50GB

specifically, from April 29, China Unicom users can use the 116114 business travel public account to realize internal payment and receive 200m free cash flow in time. If users have purchased aviation accident insurance, they will receive flight delay insurance. If the flight is delayed for more than 2 hours, they will receive 200 yuan of insurance compensation. As long as Chinese mobile users enter the account shared with 4G Hui and such as temperature within 9 specified time periods each month, they can get traffic packages to solve their traffic rations for several months

before the May Day holiday, operators have joined hands with Internet companies to send traffic to attract users, which is not a fad. On April 28, Chinatelecom released the first quarter financial report of this year. So far, the transcripts of the three major operators for the first quarter with the highest average price of China's non-ferrous metal exports in January have been published. The profit of China Mobile and the number of mobile subscribers of Chinatelecom fell. In addition to China Unicom, the report card of the other two major operators was not very optimistic, while the growth space of the mobile communication market was more and more limited, and the impact of mobile Internet was more and more serious, which became the reason for their performance decline

under the popularization trend of intelligent and mobile Internet Ott business, the three major operators have realized the importance of traffic management. In addition to giving traffic frequently and cultivating users' habit of large traffic consumption, they also began to cooperate with internet manufacturers more frequently in recent years, and began to launch directional traffic divided by application and backward traffic purchased by Internet enterprises and given to their users for use. Before that, China Unicom had launched targeted traffic services with Sohu Video, domi music, music, etc

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