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Quality comparison between flexographic printing and gravure printing

printing quality mainly includes the following indicators: line number, ink amount, overprint accuracy, printing quality control factors, etc

the comparison between flexographic printing and gravure printing in these four printing quality indicators is as follows:

a. number of lines: the number of lines per centimeter or inch (LPC or LPI) is an important parameter to measure the printing quality. Gravure printing can reach 70 lines/cm (175 lines breaking experiment, etc. complete different experimental inches), while general flexographic printing can only reach 48 lines/cm (120 lines/inch), and high-quality hierarchical flexographic printing can reach 60 lines/cm (lines/inch)

b. inking amount: during normal printing, most of the concave places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The inking volume of printing is g/m2, that of flexo printing is g/m2, and that of UV flexo printing is 0 G/m2, offset printing is g/m2

the proportion of the average inking volume of gravure printing, flexo printing and offset printing is 400%, 267% and 100% respectively. Therefore, gravure prints can obtain the maximum brightness

c. overprint accuracy: like the unit type gravure printing machine, the satellite type flexo printing machine can obtain the overprint accuracy of ± 0.1 mm (one color), but the overprint accuracy of the unit type flexo printing machine is lower, which is generally ± (0..5) mm

d. difficulty of quality control: gravure printing is a relatively simple process with few variable factors, so the quality control is simple and the repeatability is high

there are many factors that affect the quality of flexo printing, and there is a greater possibility of problems. The quality of flexographic printing depends on color separation, negative film, printing plate exposure, printing installation (installing the printing plate on the drum), tape thickness and quality

of course, the quality of all these elements that affect the printing quality has been improving, so that it can be said that the quality gap between flexo printing and gravure printing is constantly decreasing. For example, the use of laser imaging technology in Flexo has eliminated the production process of "negative film production". When laser imaging is used for plate making, a clearer image can be obtained; 1% point and 60 lines/cm (150 lines/inch) are achievable. Laser engraving can use rotary plate making equipment to make sleeve flexo, which is also conducive to quality control

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